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Stellaris - What is your go to empire?

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  • Stellaris - What is your go to empire?

    With all the DLC’s that are available, what is your favorite empire you play more than others in Stellaris? What traits do you use? What is the Ethics, Authority, & Civics you picked for your empire? If you have a working force (such as slaves) what are their Traits? When you start the game and it’s paused, do you change anything for the “Set Rights” tab for the species? Do you have a backstory for the empire, and if so, do you roleplay the empire that follows that backstory? (example: your empire is a fanatic spiritual empire and if other species don’t bow down to their god, they will be purged from the galaxy)

    Reason I posted this is to see what kind of empires people always fall back to in this game. Also, if there are new players in this group, this will help them decide on what kind of empire to try out and give them a basic understanding of how to play that said empire. As for me, I’m always trying to find new empires I can add to my list for when I play coop or single player the AI has more of a selection since I have pre-made empires disabled (mod).

    If you can, add the backstory of the empire when posting, if I grab the empire from the post, I’ll be sure to add your name to the end of the backstory for credit :)

    Also if you can, add a guide on how the empire is played. I will be adding mine, it's just my guide is uhh,.. 9 paragraphs long. You don't have to add a guide if you don't want to.
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    My go to empire for Stellaris is the Interstellar Kirellian Syndicate. They rely heavily on robots to produce a lot of their basic workforce and they excel at research. Kirellians are a weak race so their work with mining output is lower, but that is why they have robots. Later in the game they work toward making their people into a Synthetic population, I also try to increase the level cap for their leaders so when they do become a Synthetic race, their leaders are able to become a level 10 leader or higher (your science leaders will become level 10 first before admirals and governors).

    Their people live on Ocean Planets at the start of the match. The traits I have picked for them are: Intelligent, Natural Engineers, Talented, Weak, and Sedentary. For Ethics I gave them Fanatic Materialist & Egalitarian, the Authority is Oligarchic, and the Civics is Mechanist (this way they have 8 robot pop at the start of the game and the robot technology researched), and Technocracy (to help with unity & research).

    The first Tradition I go for is Discovery because when you start getting factions, the first faction requires you to have the discovery tradition selected and to have a certain number of robots already in your empire (which you got free from Mechanist). With these requirements already fulfilled this will keep them happy so you get some extra influence. Later in the game, this same faction will have extra requirements, one of the requirements is to have Research Agreements with other empires, and to be number 1 in the research race.

    Once discovery is finished you get a boost to research speed by 10%, and what I also do is for Ascensions I pick up Technological Ascendancy to increase research speed by an extra 10%. Discovery Tradition is still a very powerful Tradition over all others especially if you are a Materialist Empire, which you are. Once Discovery is finished, your scientists will be able to level up to level 9 and when you get the research option to have another Civic, I pick up Meritocracy and now your science leaders will be level 10. Later on in the game, you want to start getting “The Flesh is Weak” Ascension Perk so you can turn your people into cyborgs, and since droids are an engineering research option, the bonus you picked with the starting trait (Natural Engineering) this will help you get it a little bit faster and you already have Robot research from the Civic.

    **If you are wondering why your people are not cyborgs or synthetics after you selected the ascension perks to turn them into them, it’s because you need to look under your situation log and you will see the options for converting your people into a cyborg, or a synthetic. Just remember when you start the option in the log, this will pause your engineering research until it’s done. So, the higher your engineering research, the less time it takes to finish. **

    At some point when you become cyborgs and now looking at becoming synthetic, once you research the synthetic option for your droids, PAUSE THE GAME (if you are playing single player). Go under Species Rights and set the synthetics to “Full Citizenship”. If you don’t do this your droids will become very unhappy and their work production will tank, and if you don’t really control it too well, they may rebel *cough* *cough* AI Rebellion *cough*. The Ascension perk you want to chose to have your Kirellians become synthetic is called “Synthetic Evolution”. You will also need to research Synthetic Personality Matrix (allows your synthetic robots to become leaders). Luckily for you, both these research options are part of the Engineering research tree.

    I hope this helps you on playing the cute looking shrimp Kirellians. Now for their backstory (which practically says **We are the reason why there is an AI Rebellion Event**

    In space, science truly does rule, and your people are very, very good at it. Doesn’t matter that your race is physically frail, because you have robots who are good at fighting and can handle most mining and farming chores. The additional engineering bonus will allow you to quickly develop even smarter robots, and you barely must pay them anything! How could that possibly go wrong?

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