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Why PUBG gets no TG love?

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  • Why PUBG gets no TG love?

    Been with TG since Battlefield 2 days. Played tons of PR and various other BF games and Arma, but last couple of years I've been hooked on PUBG.

    The squad mode is very tactical and yes there are RNG elements and it's not military sim.... BUT its very fun, realistic, and not cartoony or cheesy. It's really the best fun I've had in years, because squad tactics can shine and yet so can individual players. That's the best part of PUBG, because unlike every other game, ONE player can make a massive difference and even win against the craziest odds, but put 4 good players together with strong communication and you have one of the best squad gaming experiences EVER. (And trust me I've been gaming on PC since 1989, was CS beta mod tester and played literally every good shooter in existence at length)

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    Not sure if I read the topic correctly, but, Are you asking why PUBG does not have a TG player base and TGer should Team up, or that PUBG should not be a TG game.

    A list of other TGer playing PUBG:

    EDIT: I see you have posted here.

    Also check out PUBG on TGs Discord Channel:

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