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TacticalGamer, Farewell and thank you.

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  • TacticalGamer, Farewell and thank you.

    Words cannot describe how sad the news Apophis delivered today has made me.

    Many of you may not know me well, some none at all. I first visited and got really interested in TacticalGamer back in 2007-2008, I think it was primarly Battlefield 2142 when a Squad Leader named Zhohar was leading and I joined him and his misfits.

    I started at around 11-12 years old and throughout the years I grew with TacticalGamer always being there. I may have not been always around, I played other games and sometimes wouldn't be around for weeks or months. But I always had a place to go for some mature gameplay which I couldn't find anywhere else in the internet communities.

    Tactical Gamer is the best, when I got interested into BF:FH, BF2142, BF2, Project Reality, Eve Online, Planetside2, Arma 2 & 3, Squad and other games... I always looked for TacticalGamer and it's amazing community.

    To Apophis and all the officers, thank you so much for supporting this community and leading it.

    (My brain does not seem to be able to compute Apophis and auto-corrects to Apothis, Sorry! -Edited)
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    ...and in all that time you never figured out my name was "Apophis" :)

    Thanks for sticking with us, crys!
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      Apophis, thank you for creating, maintaining, and managing this site over the years. As you know, there have been a huge number of players who have enjoyed being involved with this community. I've made many friends and countless memories playing on TG servers.
      Thanks also to those who have spent so many volunteer hours helping manage and administrate all of the different titles that have been supported. I'm looking at you Wicks and @Damonte.

      Although I moved on from my day to day interaction here as of a few years ago, I still play weekly (sometimes daily) with folks I met in this community.
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        TG will always have a place in my heart. This community brought me great gaming pleasure in some truly trying times.

        I will never forget all of you whom I played with over the years.


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          I will forever remember all the wonderful times I had here when I was playing Project Reality and Squad.

          Thank you Apophis and all the management, game officers and moderators for your hard work.

          I will miss Tactical Gamer very, very much.


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            I completely echo this! Feels like the end of an era because it is. There will never be another TG. Such good times and memories!


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              Well now I have sad face.... :(

              BF2, POE, 2142, the golden age for me. *sniff*...I may cry. It has been a long time friends, please do not loose contact! BF2143 is just around the corner :) Cheers all and goodnight for the last time.

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                Been around since 2004 and this has always been a special place for me. I've seen the handwriting on the wall and pretty sure Paul picked a date pretty close to my renewal time as I had threatened to support the site for life, LOL. Gonna miss this place.
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                  I’ve only been here since 2014, but it’s been an amazing 5 years that I am glad we got to participate in. The long history of TG is part of what made me stay when I landed here through randomly cruising ArmA three co-op servers. I’d spent a year bouncing from “clan” to “unit” to “clan” before I landed here and found a community. It was refreshing to find a place where the teamwork was the fun not just a means to an end. A community of people didn’t exploit the game for cheap wins.

                  This site might go away but TacticalGamer the idea won’t. The principles it was founded for still matter. The gamers it shaped for the last 20+ years are still here and will be for a long time.

                  thank you Apophis (for starting and running this community), Wicks (mostly for putting up with my vaguely anglophobic attitude), Unkl (who introduced me to TG and showed me what ArmA could be), disposableHero (for running the best Squad server) - you all have put so much time into making and running games for my benefit.

                  My only regret is not giving back as much as I received here. Sincerely, thank you.


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                    Unfortunately it was bound to happen at some point and you could see it coming for a while now with how the gaming landscape has been changing. Perhaps in the future things will swing back the other way and we will get a couple new big games that we could impart our dormant but still burning TG spirits on. Hopefully we keep the discord going in some capacity in the meantime.

                    For anyone out there who wants to keep in contact with me just find me on Steam or the TG discord at the same name FBmantis. I almost exclusively play Overwatch for 3 plus years now because I like the easy to pick up gameplay that can also have TG like qualities in good teamwork and quality voip. I'll probably keep playing it until something else TG friendly pops up that is more on the semi arcadey side than mil sim.



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                      Thank you so much Apophis for starting the community. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers (admins, staff, SLs, etc) over the years. TG would not be as well remembered if it weren't for all of the hard work and contributions you guys put in to make it a great (and the greatest) gaming community there ever was in the last 20 years.

                      Thank you to all of the new and old members for being apart of the greatest online family of gamers!

                      I still remember my BF2142 days fondly and all the games between then and now. Best wishes to everyone here and to Apophis for everything.

                      Wow it's been 13+ years since I joined up.  I'm going to miss everyone here.  I really hope discord server will stay up so we can still keep in contact.
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                        This is something that truly bummed me out. I have been a part of TG since 2005 and I have made some great fiends and colleagues that I enjoyed throughout my time here. From the days of CS:S to my marathon gaming sessions with the PR mod for BF2, I truly wish everyone in this community the best. If I have played with you in the past, hit me up in FB.

                        With much love and gratitude,

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                          Guys, I want to keep in touch. I'm endeavoring to keep in touch with as many of you that would like to remain in touch.

                          I've talked to many of you since 2007. I joined as an annoying teenager and had the chance to meet many of you during the days of 2142. I remember talking to Axis of Eevil and experiencing him trying to reel be back in. Times were simpler back then....

                          Well, the days of PR, Point of Existence, and a few others are gone, but I truly enjoy you guys. I'll miss the stubborn, the young, and the grumpy old guys who would play.

                          If you want to keep in touch via discord, then my ID is Besiege82#8349


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                            It was one helluva ride! I have made some amazing friendships here, and had some great gaming moments. Apophis you made an amazing place here. It was Tactical Gamer that rekindled my love of online gaming. I cant thank you enough for what you have done, and what all of us put our heart and soul into.

                            You guys will always be my best gaming buddies!!


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                              Apophis, thanks for the opportunities you made available to meet great gamers and great people from all over the world, with your vision. The opportunities you made available to grow with the exchange of ideas and the encouragement for others to learn how to lead and follow directions.

                              Thank you
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