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My Grandfather has passed away...

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  • My Grandfather has passed away...

    Noramlly I wouldn't post this on a forum, but I know some of you have served in the millitary and are still serving and might appreciate this. Other might just appreciate the passing of someone who served our country.

    A little bio on my grandfather:

    Immigrated from Hungary at 16 and joined the Navy in 1938, retired in 1960 plus another 20 years Government Service, Senior Chief Petty Officer which in Army terms is Master Sergeant. He prolly should have been wayyyy higher in rank but spent to much time in the Brigg LOL!!!

    Navy Unit Commendation Medal
    China Service 1939 Medal
    Good Conduct Medal (no idea how he got this lolol!)
    Asiatic Pacific Medal - 9 bronze stars
    Navy Occupation Service Medal
    Philipine Liberation Medal - 2 Bronze Stars
    National Defense Service Medal
    American Campaign Medal
    American Defense Medal
    Victory Medal WWII
    11 Battle Stars

    There is prolly more cuz his uniform looks like a heavily decorated christmas tree but my Mom is still compiling the info on him.

    1st Battle of Philipine Sea and Indochina
    New Ginuea
    Battle of Formosa
    Battle for Leyte Gulf
    South China Sea and Indochina
    Iwo Jima
    Shanghai/Nam King (occupational only)

    Basically the guy was in every major Sea Battle in the South Pacific and Asia. I was reading a bunch of old Newspaper articles in the Boston Globe about all the ships he was on that got bombed by the Japanese. Imagine being on a ship getting bombed? Not me!

    He also has a whole shoebox full of pictures he took at Nam King (you all can imagine what those must be like) and Japanese rifles an such. Also his father's discharge papers from the Hungarian (Magyar) Army, very cool looking documents. Pretty interesting.

    Well anyways, Salute to you Buppa (Magyar nick for Grandfather), hope all is well where ever you find yourself!


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    Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

    sorry your familys sure he had some great stories to share....
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

      Originally posted by March4Revenge
      Battle for Leyte Gulf

      My thanks for your Buppa's service. Thanks for sharing.

      Here's to your fond memories.
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        Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

        Sorry for your loss. My family and I will keep you in our prayers.

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          Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

          I am very sorry for your loss, my thoughts and prayers go out to your family. It looks as though your Grandfather served the country well, you should be quite proud.
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            Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

            I'm sorry for your loss, and sounds like he had quite a life. Thank you for sharing, I feel great respect for a man with a life such as his.


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              Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

              Sorry for your loss, it sounds as though he had a very long and full life. He served his country well, you should be very pround.
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                Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

                Condolences to you and your family.

                That will be an interesting exploration for you and you family.. amazing how much you learn about some after they are gone.. always makes you wish you’d asked one more question about them..

                My grandfather was a mayor and circuit court judge back when Florida was a mosquito haven sandbar.. there are stories about him all over SE Florida and they've names sections of some towns after him. My best friends' dad remembered him as a judge 40 years ago - he was a probation officer in Okeechobee.. Judge Sample was on the circuit bench there..

                To me he was just a friend that liked to do model railroading things with me.

                Sometimes, You just never know the legacy of those around you


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                  Re: My Grandfather has passed away...

                  Thanks guys and much appreciated!

                  I just found out today he died standing up in the kitchen! Weird huh?!

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