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Dear "Magnum"...

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  • Dear "Magnum"...

    Thank you for posting that great essay on the SimHQ Site! It really expressed what i feel about the game myself! I have been a player of that game since day one too. Im currently a 68 Honor and i have formed a Squad called the International Counter Terrorist Unit. That has been a year and a few months ago, we have been together for quite a while now! What i have seen lacking in the spirit of the team is teamwork and the emphasis to achieve the said objective.
    What i have rather seen was blood lust and just going after kills.
    I dont know what to do anymore, most of them are older than me and just think that its bull**** what im saying. Im the only one of the bunch that was there from the beginning, i came up with the name and they disrespect me like that?! I made that Squad so we can play this game the way it was meant to be played, i cant believe it! The only way out of this is with me leaving that clan, but that is unacceptable to me because i have built it up and have taken it this far!
    What im looking for is people who actually have the patience and knowledge on how to work as a small team in that game but i have only found few that have such skills! Damn it!
    Thank you again for posting, it sure showed me that there are not only rambos out there. My team isnt hopeless, no no! Its just that they have lost the edge!


    Flip of the [ICTU] aka "Elmer Fudd"

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    Re: Dear "Magnum"...

    thanks for the kind words, and good luck with your clan problems...

    I don't consider TG a "clan", IMO were a bunch of gamers with a common vision on how tactical computer games should be played, and we strive to maintain that vision.

    Since Apophis (our TG headmaster) started our own TG AA "server" I haven't played on any server but, and I only play with TG members... thats how I keep the game fun... and by keeping a great circle of admins and players supporting TG and our vision, and my personal vision of KISS.

    Feel free to join TS, stop by our server and have fun for a change, sounds like you don't anymore. ;)
    Magnum |TG-18th|

    We stand between chaos and order, evil and good, despair and hope - we are the Thin Blue Line, and we will never be broken.


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      Re: Dear "Magnum"...

      Thanks Magnum, will do!
      It sort of is lacking the fun at the moment!






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