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    Hello, I am prompted in game to come here and add content to this forum as a participant of your server. I find I can view things but cant add to any area of substance like game specific for example. When do you grant permissions for a person to really begin to add content?
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    Re: Honest Question

    You should be able to add content immediately (links and images might come later, but posts are yours from day one, in any forum you can see).

    PM Apophis, please, and let him know what problems you're having, as they are unique to your account.

    He'll get things straightened out for you.

    Welcome to the forums! :) Be sure to read this thread:

    And read the sub-threads for any game here you play or plan on playing. It's a lot to read, but everyone else here has read it, as we require it.

    If you have any other questions, you may PM me (or IM me -- see my profile).
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