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  • GamePads

    Just woundering if anyone uses a gamepad? If you do use one what one is it, and what games do you use it on? How good are they really? Should I buy one?

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    Re: GamePads

    I still use the micro$oft gamepad sidewinder, it still runs all my EA sports games


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      Re: GamePads

      Hello there Sabooya...

      My BF2 friends and I are big game pad fans...

      Until today (co-incidently) we have been using the Belkin Nostromo n52.

      This is a superb piece of kit and I can say an unequivitable 'yes' it does help improve your game!

      HOWEVER - today I just recieved my shiney new Ergodex DX1 custom key pad...

      I literally mean I have JUST recieved this so cannot report personally what it's like - but if the reviews are anything to go by this should be the ideal pad for BF2.

      But if the $149 price tag puts you off (and I can see how it might) then I can thoroughly recommend the Nostromo n52...

      (Also, if like me you have a Saitek Eclipes gaming keyboard you might be interested to know that Saitek are making a Nostromo-lookalike but in the style of the Eclipes keyboard which looks nice.)

      How does the Nostromo make you play better?

      It's all down to keys being placed directly under your 'pad hand' (my left hand in my case)...Keys are programmable so you can have exactly what key you want under what finger you want.

      It really becomes fast and instinctive to use - your 'pad hand' hardly moves and your fingers hit the appropriate keys as needed (unlike a convensional keyboad where you move your hand constantly to find teh right key)...

      Those milliseconds saved in not moving your hand really can make a difference - particularly in a face to face shootout situation!
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        Re: GamePads

        I use a Logitech Dual Action Game pad, for the PS1 Games that I emulate on my PC. (My PS2 will not run them anymore :( ) It was somewhat cheap but it works just fine for what I am using it to do. As for how good i can't say. I always like to use a mouse and keyboard in FPS and RTS. I mainly got it to play LotD much like it was on the ps2. It hard to play a ps1 game that has timing switching back and forth between X O when you have them set to the number pad, and you have already spent hours getting the timing on a gamepad (namly the controler) down.

        One thing that I want to try is to use the xbox 360's wired control on my pc. Saidly the stores don't have them near me (they have 30+ wireless) and i don't have an xbox 360 yet so i don't have one lying around...
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          Re: GamePads

          I heard that u can use an xbox 360 controller as a game pad. worth checking out.
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            Re: GamePads

            When I played FFXI, I used a Nyko Airflow controller. At first I thought there'd be no way I'd ever use the fans on this thing, but they actually turned out to be really handy. The controller is quite comfortable, too.
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              Re: GamePads

              I use the Belkin Nostromo n52 and really like it.
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