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  • WWII Online?

    Does anyone have this game? Is it any good?

    I ask because I read that it had actually gotten good in the past months. Has anyone ever played this game? Is it worth the price?

    Just curious. If I get some positive feedback in favor of the game, I may end up trying it for a month to see how I like it. You can buy it online now.

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    It is pretty good acctually. You just need a clan for it to get the most out of it. I would recommend Laffayette Federation they are a french clan. (French as in they are in the french army.) If you need to know anything else just ask.
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      i played it a couple of months ago just offline. Its tank modeling seemd VERY good although i wasnt too sure on its flight model. I just couldnt find a reason on putting out the 25 to buy it, then the 10 or so a month....simply because i couldnt try it online for free...I would have to buy the game, then have a week trial before starting to pay per month... if i didnt like it i lost the PM charge, as well as the charge for a useless CD i cant use anymore. Not sure if its changed at all.

      Aces high then come out with a 2 week free "re-trial" for old players, i played it for 2 weeks (about 10hours a day) and got so hooked i HAD to pay out the 11 for it per month...thankfully due to the crappy $$$ its now only 7-8 a month ;) :D = Aceshigh = wwII online
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        I hated this game... the graphics were horrible and lag issues made it worse.

        One of the things I really disliked was the lack of feedback you get when engaging. For example, you shoot a tank, there's no debris or acknowledgement that you hit it -- only a second later the tank would just disappear.

        Mind you, this was a year ago, during the first several versions of the game. It would have had to come along way for me to consider it again.
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          tanks sit there burning out now...
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