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    Hey all I am still playing this highly addictive game. I really want to get more people in this world of project visitor but things are not looking to good for the planet. the planet are starving for players and I want to help the game out by getting more players to join this beautiful planet. It is a very addicting game I must warn you. this is not a game where you will only spend 1 hour playing, most of the time you are either fighting or building. Alot of fun and a great way to learn team work at first hand. I think that this might be the best game I have ever seen as far as working with your team every tiem you log on. You have to join a mdn (clan) in order for you to survive on this planet. This game is 24/7 there for if you build a camp you cannot expect it to be their the next day if you are not checking on the game as much as possible. So if you think that you have time for a game like this then check out the web site. This game was run on years ago and it was called 10SIX some of you may have heard of that name before. Now one of the creators has the game running out of his house. He is hoping to come out with PV:A (Project Visitor Assault) wich will hopefull come to be a great success and be on store shelves somday. If you want more info on the game goto

    other sites:

    About the game from the site:

    In the not too distant future, an alien planetoid has entered our solar system. When scientists discover that it is rich in a new energy source called Transium, the biggest land rush in history is on! Four multinational corporations have turned their science outposts into mining colonies, and they are looking for a million recruits to stake land claims on this ultimate frontier.

    You are assigned mining rights to one of one million plots of land on the planet. This claim is yours to fortify, mine for wealth, and protect from the attacks of up to 999,999 of your closest friends. Band together and pillage the land claims of other colonists, or build elaborate defenses and mutual protection alliances with other players to protect your base. And watch your back, because the action in Project Visitor goes on 24 hours a day, seven days a week, even when you're not logged on. If you aren't careful, you might log on to find your base damaged or destroyed.

    Infrastruct is a tightly managed company with sometimes mysterious objectives. Built up from post-unification Germany's heavy industries, they became the primary industrial supplier and contractor throughout the European Commonwealth.

    Very architecturally interesting structures; sleek, solid design. Infrastruct favors functionality and fine craftsmanship over raw power. Infrastruct Corporation specializes in defensive systems, highly accurate and guided weapons technologies and robotic rover units.

    The eXtreme corporation didn't start out to be one and is still in denial about it. Makes sports and recreational equipment. Mainstream, on the edge, with controlling interests in sports events, players associations, music and dance clubs.

    Disdain for authority. Capitalism at its best. Encourages raiding other camps for profit and any type of extreme sports. eXtreme Corporation is all about speed and large explosive and incendiary weapons.

    ToyCo grew from Japanese and Pacific Rim control of the world toy market. Expanding from the toy industry into major computers, consumer electronics, and automotive companies.

    Down and dirty negotiators with old-school business style. Formal and playful at the same time. Their structures are influenced by classical Asian architecture with a high tech feel. The original inventors of the Rover, ToyCo's gear is always on the cutting Edge.

    BruteForce, a combination of corporate security forces, mercenaries, and national armies. These forces combined their strengths and expanded their "special skills", making them a corporation to be reckoned with.

    BruteForce prefers shear strength over reliance on technology. Mercenaries at heart, they rely largely on big powerful tank-like rovers, brutal cannons, automatic weapons and lots of camouflage.

    *If you need any help in getting started or questions I can help you as well either email me or you can pm me.

    Thanks alot guys



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