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  • Calendar of Events?

    It seems to me that the calendar button on the nav bar above is underutilized. I see all these differnt posts about this event or that event. But, when I look at the calendar, nothing. The only thing that it appears to be used for at the moment is birthdays. It seems like an awful waste of resources to me.

    While checking it out, I noticed that one could set up a recurring event. Couldn't that be used for things like "Tactical Mod Mondays"?

    I would like to recommend that we as a community, use this tool for its greater potential, not just a way of announcing that someone will be having a birthday on a particular day.

    Just trying to help build up a community tool. If this has been tried before, I'm sorry for the SPAM.

    EDIT: Admins, I think this is better suited to the "General Discussion" thread of the main forum. Please move it there if you agree. Thanks.
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    Re: Calendar of Events?

    Only supporting members can see non-birthday events.

    I'm not sure if this is an oversight or by design.
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      Re: Calendar of Events?

      From an event organizer's point of view the calender is a pain to work with. All posts have to be admin approved and then deleted and resubmitted if any edits are necessary. I changed the League calender with such frequency that to re-post on the TG Calender would've left those calender events out-of-date. Would've been a bit hassle for the admins to constantly approve and re-approve as I resubmitted them too.

      I agree that it has great potential and is under-utilized but I find it to be more trouble than its worth regrettably.
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        Re: Calendar of Events?

        Yeah, Calendar could be a useful thing. Yes, taking requests from all the members or visitors would be a big problem, for sure. Maybe just limit the posting to stuff that shows up in the main TG News and Events section? Or have each mod for each game or discussion group be responsible for posting only items from their section? Maybe details like League event calendars could just be posted on the League pages and maintained by a League participant.




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