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  • Xfire

    Came across this for those interested,
    Originally posted by RippsBlack
    I E-mailed the x-fire team, they agree with you, it is alot of work.
    just read their response for yourselves

    HI Dave,

    We've had a lot of interest on this end for a Triallian plugin as well :) There's a couple issues here, though. First and foremost, XFire operates on a lot of different principles than a typical IM program. The friends of friends system adds far more complexity to the system, and the game detection engine requires coordination across a number of different servers. The user Kong is right - it's a bit more complex than for other standard IM programs. Second, we're really trying to focus on working out the rough edges in our current system for right now. As many people have noticed, it's definitely not a full version yet - the UI is really at its most basic, and there remain a number of things that need to be developed before we're able to actually get out of beta and go for widespread usage.

    This isn't to say we're going to rule out adding support for Trillian in the future, but it would require a lot more rework in Trillian itself to allow displaying all the different types of info we display - stuff not typically used in an IM program. That makes it a large effort in coordinating programmers across both XFire and Trillian, and I don't think we're ready to commit that sort of time yet.

    Thanks for the interest though :) Once XFire is able to become a more mainstream app, links like this will become more possible.

    If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line.

    Best regards,
    XFire Support


    I am still holding out for a member of the public to try this out themselves... i know its going to take alot of work to do it. but somebody out there must be able to do it :D

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    Re: Xfire

    What's the date on that post? Link us to it.
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      Re: Xfire

      The date and link of my first post was Oct 2003(kind of Old) Link is

      I just found this one too! Date of it is:07 February 2006 link:
      Originally posted by XFirePlus:gammastson
      MSN Plugin
      Hey everyone, here is an announcement on our latest project which is being developed.

      We are currently working on an application that will allow you to load your MSN list into your Xfire Client. It will allow you to see which friends are using MSN and even chat with them. You will be able to fully communicate with your Xfire friends and MSN friends all in the same client. This opens up a whole new field for Xfire users, because now you can still keep in touch with your buddies, without opening a new client.

      One of the cool things about this, is that everything you do in Xfire will be seen by your MSN friends. If you set your status, it will reflect the status into MSN. If you are playing a game, it will show your friends the game you are playing. Same goes if you are in a specific server, it will display the IP address to them. (Obviously they won't be able to one-click join you, because they aren't using Xfire. Hopefully this will get them jealous and make them download Xfire too.)

      Lastly, the coolest part of this, is the ability to chat with your MSN friends from in-game. Now you don't have to worry about your game losing focus when a buddy messages you, nor do you have to alt-tab out of the game to tell them to go away. All MSN messages will come straight to your Xfire In-Game window. It will even show your MSN friends in the buddy list, so if you need to tell them to e-mail you the homework they did, you can do it right from your game.

      We are planning on adding other IM networks, but we will be focusing on MSN first. Although it is appreciated, we do not need suggestions on which network we will add next, as there are plans to hopefully support the most popular ones.

      Stay tuned for a possible release date.
      gammastsonTuesday 07 February 2006 - 21:48:34
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        Re: Xfire

        GAIM actaully has a Xfire pluggin...
        that sounds like a good idea trooper.




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