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who got lockdown anyway... ?

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  • who got lockdown anyway... ?

    I started playing the single player today for my TG and SimHQ review... but was wondering who else from TG got the game? I need to find a couple of players to test co-op with so I know what the hello I'm saying...

    Let me know if you got the game and interested in a little co-op.

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    Re: who got lockdown anyway... ?

    Hehe, no. I might have bought it despite the suckage if it had been a PC game: I would appreciate the fact that they wanted to make a tactical shooter that appealed to us, and even though they didn't do it right there are still good things about it and it's worth showing my support.

    What they DID do, though, was take the console game, remove the most retarded aspects, and ship it as a tactical shooter. No thank you.


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      Re: who got lockdown anyway... ?

      ^^Agreed. It was either this or Empire at War and I went with Star Wars.
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