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    I had to reinstall my Dungeons and Dragons Online client last night because of a nagging RAID failure that has plagued my new MB..

    Anyhow, I had heard there was a High Definition client available and found that to be true and included on the final release DVD. The high-def edition is eye popping.

    So, if you have already joined us in the TG Dungeon and Dragons Online players guild, or were thinking about it and you already have the beta test, or headstart / downloaded client installed - but didn't download the 'hi-def' client - install that if you think you have the graphic horsepower to run it. I ran it straight out of the box.. without changing any settings and I was stunned at the difference.. it really made a difference. Even if I hated the game to it's core - I would feel completely satisfied with my $50 purchase after seeing the HD graphics alone. Wait - now that I think about it.. the regular graphics were worth my $50 alone.. Atari / Turbine really created a masterwork on this one - IMHO.

    The 'hi-def' client ran seamlessly and free of artifacts on my machine with an ATI X850XT vid card and Pentium 930 CPU.. which, coincidentally, is getting upped to a Pentium 950 and ATI X1900XTX next week. :icon_cool

    Just a PSA announcement for TG's members..



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