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Anyone up for some Chaos Theory versus?

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  • Anyone up for some Chaos Theory versus?

    Lunisicx and I are wondering how many TGers would be interested in playing a few rounds of CT versus mode.

    For those that aren't familiar with Versus it is a team based objective based multiplayer mode. It was first found in Splinter Cell Pandora Tommarow and is also in Chaos theory. It features two teams one being mercenaries and the other beings Shadownet spies.

    Spies are given objectives such as defuse bioweapons or capture and return a HDD from a computer system. The mercs are tasked with defending the bioweapons or what ever the objective of the map is. Both sides are completely different with Mercs playings in a 1st person view and spies playing a regular game of Splinter Cell. Its unfortunately (errr fortunately) 2v2.

    If anyone is interested post here and we can set up a time/date. Also if anyone has anymore questions about Chaos Theory multiplayer (COOP is avaible) please post those as well. Its a great game and it would be great if we can get a decent amount of players. (We really only need two more but if we can get more then two maybe we can get a tournament going or something.)

    For those interested I beleive Chaos Theory for the PC is about 20 dollars now. (Atleast it should be)
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    Re: Anyone up for some Chaos Theory versus?

    Sounds good when are you free?

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