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Whats your Favorite FPS?

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  • Whats your Favorite FPS?

    I'm just doing a little research on what are peoples favorite FPS games and why?

    Does the game have an interesting story, or is it a style of the game play itself?

    My favorite is Halo 2. I really liked the storyline, it gave me a reason to play. I like how the AI of both the enemy and the allies of the game just didn't come at you, they acted like living creatures, even though they seemed a little too dumb and could be killed a little to easy at times. Overall I liked how the game was dark and creapy at times, the interface was easy to follow, you had a variety of weapons, but it wasn't too many to choose from. What else can you come up with?

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    Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

    It's all about the multiplayer gameplay for me.

    BF2 is at the top of my list.
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      Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?


      Gameplay, tactics, fun, teamplay.
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        Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

        I'm supposed to just name 1 fps?!

        Well, then that only leaves me one option: to tout my Deus Ex horn, and possibly bash Halo 2 (just a little though).

        Deus Ex was the game that brought me into PC gaming. It was a gateway to others such as the Thief and System Shock series, as well as to the internet, in general for me (my first forums were the old Ion Storm: Austin forums). The game itself was extremely engrossing. The combat wasn't as awesome as other games, the stealth wasn't too deep, it was fraught with a number of flaws, and the typical awesome first and second scenes, with a comparatively (and objectively) lackluster third and final scene. But it was the first game that I played that melded RPG, action, and adventure all together, without any of the pieces actually disappointing. It also had an extremely well written and well handled story, with a unique, expansive, and paranoid dystopian future. A fair amount of side quests fleshed out the story, along with branching dialogue, and a large number of books/newspapers to provide even further background.

        There have also been a surprising number of things that happened in DX that have happened in the real world. In DX, china had supposedly constructed a lunar mining company, and a while ago IRL they released a statement that said they were intending such. DX came out in mid 2000, and in the first couple levels New York is a backdrop. Unfortunately, the entire skyline was too big for the memory, so they had to chop off a little portion. When later asked in an interview why the WTC weren't in the skyline, a dev joked that terrorists had blown it up (the game's early themes are terror heavy, as you start out working for UNATCO).

        And finally, some today-relevant quotes:
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        "JC Denton: No one will ever worship a software entity peering at them
                      through a camera."
        "Morpheus: The human organism always worships. First, it was the Gods, then
                      it was fame (the observation and judgement of others), next it will be
                      self-aware systems you have built to realise truly omnipresent
                      observation and judgement."
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        "Morpheus: The individual desires judgement. Without that desire, the cohesion
                     of groups is impossible, and so is civilisation."
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                     service of a higher cause. When that cause is betrayed, we're not
                     soldiers anymore - just pieces on a chess board dying for the wrong
        "When government surveillance and intimidation is called "freedom from
                    terrorism" or "liberation from crime", freedom and liberty have become
                    words without meanings."
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                  Chinese government care?"
        "Isaac: The Chinese leave Hong Kong alone. They barricade the roads to control
                  trade to the mainland, but they know how business is done."
        "JC Denton: I would think the secret smuggling operations of the Triads would
                  disturb the Chinese government."
        "Isaac: Maybe the Luminous Path, but China knows that the Red Arrow are business
                  owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders, and that they protect the city
                  from outside influences."
        "JC Denton: You said "outside influences." What does China fear?"
        "Isaac: China is the last sovereign country in the world. Authoritarian but willing -
                  unlike U.N.-governed countries - to give its people the freedom to do what
                  they want.
        "JC Denton: As long as they don’t break the law."
        "Isaac: Listen to me. This is real freedom, freedom to own property, make a profit,
                  make your life. The West, so afraid of strong government, now has no
                  government. Only financial power."
        "JC Denton: Our governments have limited power by design."
        "Isaac: Rhetoric- and you believe it! Don’t you know where those slogans come
        "JC Denton: I give up."
        "Isaac: Well-paid researchers - how do you say it? - "think tanks," funded by big
                  businesses. What is that? A "think tank"?"
        "JC Denton: Hardly as sinister as a dictator, like China’s Premier."
        "Isaac: It’s privately-funded propaganda. The Trilateral Commission in the United
                  States for instance."
        "JC Denton: The separation of powers acknowledges the petty ambitions of individuals;
                  that’s its strength."
        "Isaac: A system organized around the weakest qualities of individuals will produce
                  these same qualities in its leaders."
        "JC Denton: Perhaps certain qualities are an inseparable part of human nature.
        "Isaac: The mark of the educated man is the suppression of these qualities in favor
                  of better ones. The same is true of civilization."

        Oh, and Halo 2 was a shallow shadow of Halo 1. Weapons lost depth for breadth, levels became less choose your own and more "heres a tank. You have to drive it to complete this section". The story was symmetrical to Halo 1's in many ways, and less focused. The covenant were vastly humanized. The physics system and level design became much less sandboxy (no more warthog bouncing with grenades, invisible walls prevent you from wandering out of the level). Co-op on legendary lost all its fun, as if one person dies then both must restart. Rarg.


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          Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

          One? Just one?

          All right: Doom. I still play it, emulated on linux. The one that started the obsession.


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            Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

            Operation Flashpoint... not the prettiest FPS, but the first full scale battlefield with complete and realistic squad controls. IMO

            followed by America's Army and SWAT 3/4... all very realistic FPS.
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              Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

              Half-Life 2.


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                Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                Tough call - but a good question!

                Not in any particular order, but off the top of my head -

                Half Life - Half Life 2



                Far Cry

                Halo - Halo 2

                Duke Nuke 'Em

                I like them for different reasons but the main reason is the replay-ability, which in my opinion is the most important quality of a video game.
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                  Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                  1# America's Army-for the fear that it inspires as you stakle that last OpFor, and the skill needed to survive

                  #2 BF2-for the teamwork, maps and multiple vehicles

                  #3OFP-for the ability to make own maps--the "wouldn't it be cool to..." factor


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                    Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                    Starsiege: Tribes far and away, no contest at all. Followed by Deus Ex, No One Lives Forever, Red Orchestra, and Battlefield 2.


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                      Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                      Multiplayer - BF2

                      Single player - HL2 (though I really enjoyed Max Payne 2)
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                        Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                        Despite all its little flaws, BF2
                        TFC and NS are still fun

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                          Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                          In no order - Deus Ex, Mafia, Opflash, the HL's, and NOLF. - First half of Far Cry is pretty amazing, but overall - ehh.


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                            Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                            Call of doubt about it


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                              Re: Whats your Favorite FPS?

                              It is a toss up between Call of Duty and the original Wolfenstein.
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