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  • Time Warner Digital Phone

    Anyone using Time Warner Digital Phone? I'm interested in any feedback from current users.

    I've had Vonage since September 2005 and unfortunately the service problems I've been working with them on have not gotten resolved so I'm moving to TW Digital Phone next week.

    Vonage is a great option but it just hasn't worked in my situation. I've continued to have dropped calls, bad echo and voice-mail delivered days, not hours, days after it is received. They have been tried tweaking settings on my Vonage adapter and now say it's my Road Runner but I've shown them test results showing my RR is rock solid (5 down, 384 up which is plenty of bandwidth for Vonage) and the only problems I have are with Vonage.

    One warning, Vonage customer service is horrendous. We called last night to inquire about cancelling and were informed the cancellation was effectively immediately so we told them NOT to cancel us last night, that we would call next week after our new service is in place.

    However, I wake up this morning to no service and e-mails in my Inbox saying they have charged my card for my termination fee. I knew there was a fee but my problem is they terminated my service incorrectly (like they shouldn't have last night). Just spent over an hour on the phone with them (talking to 5 different) people and got absolutely no where with it. The only thing they can do is activate a brand new account (with a brand new number). They can't re-activate a terminated account. I told them no way since I'd be cancelling the new account in a few days. We'll just live on our cell phone for the next week.

    I was reading about Digital Phone last night and noticed Time Warner routes their VOIP traffic on a totally separate network from their non-VOIP traffic (Sprint I believe). Maybe that will help with preventing some of the issues I saw with Vonage.

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    Re: Time Warner Digital Phone

    Yes, my wife is a finacial analyst for tech ops at time warner, so we get everything for free, the phones are half-price, but they are great all calls in the us anytime free and canada. Clear as hell and very satisfied.


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      Re: Time Warner Digital Phone

      Here's a pretty good wiki devoted to VOIP:
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        Re: Time Warner Digital Phone

        I have had no problems with the Time Warner digital phone...

        Have had it about a year and use a fax machine off the line as well. Now they have the feature they threw in where caller ID pops up on your TV....Just in case your too lazy to go check who it is...LOL!

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          Re: Time Warner Digital Phone

          I've had vonage for over a year and have had no problem whatsoever. I'd be interested in knowning what is causing your problems. I'm sure you've troubleshot the thing to death.

          I know vonage tells you to put the adapter in front of your router (cable modem -> vonage adapter -> router) but I have mine behind the router and have no problems (cable modem -> router -> vonage adapter)

          Have you tried that? I guess it doesn't matter since its already cancelled.


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            Re: Time Warner Digital Phone

            Yeah Measley, the last couple calls all they could do was blame it on my Road Runner so I just wasn't getting anywhere closer to a resolution. Vonage seemed fine when we got it last September, the problems started right around the beginning of the year.

            Actually, I have a PAP2 so I can't permanently do the adapter before the router, although I have tried just the modem into the adapter, circumventing the router entirely and still had problems during a test call.

            The funny thing is, when I called them yesterday from work there was really bad echo on the call so it HAD to be from their side as I was using a standard land line. It's pretty bad when their own customer service calls echo. I'm wondering if they just grew too quickly.

            Vonage may be great for others but when I can't consistently get it to work correctly the savings do me no good. Digital Phone is about $15 more a month but if my calls are decent quality it will be worth it.




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