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  • My Email to Ubi Soft

    Well I had enough so I thought I'd send Ubi an email and see what they said. Here's the official response from Ubi UK.

    Subject: Will UbiSofts's future be constant game patches?
    Dear Ms Stojanovic,

    As a regular customer of UbiSofts’ products I have to say I am getting sick at the constant release of buggy software. It seems to be a current trend now that Ubi release games in a beta form and then release patches in the months and years to follow (Ghost Recon, Raven Shield). IL2:FB came out amazingly with only one patch, except it was 120MB and far too large for anyone other than broadband users to download. 120MB isn’t a ‘patch’ – it’s a whole game! I’m wondering – do you provide a CD with the patch on it for your customers?

    It’s now becoming pathetic. The recently released (for the Christmas sales no doubt) LOMAC is a complete joke and embarrassment to your company. This game has so many bugs in it that I doubt it’ll ever be fixed. Considering this was delayed for two years I’m amazed it actually made it to the shelves. Games of the past never had these problems and other software publishers seem to do OK. I take it you are aware of ‘beta-testers’? These are people who test games before they are released to find the bugs, which are then ironed out and then retested.

    I am not alone in my frustrations. Many gamers are getting sick of Ubi’s constant repetition of poor software which is a shame because Ubi generally provide games that would be classics if it were not for the bugs that come with them. By why bother trying to achieve greatness at the expense of dollars, eh? Why bother to show the gaming community any respect at all?

    Since it seems impossible to find a contact email address to send this, other than your own – and no, your tech support email seems strangely absent, I have had to send this to you. Or maybe you’d prefer me to call the tech support line at 30p a minute which is a disgrace in itself. Why would I want to pay for support on a product you have released that doesn’t work?

    So on behalf of thousands of gamers and myself, We would all like to know what Ubi Soft is going to be doing about future software releases? We want to know how dedicated your Beta testing department is, What lengths you are prepared to go to, to deliver off-the-shelf working software and also an apology from Ubi for the suffering we have had to endure.

    Yours most sincerely,

    Pete Aylett.


    To: 'peter dot aylett at lexisnexis period co dot uk'
    Cc: Jacqui Lennon
    Subject: RE: Will UbiSofts's future be constant game patches?
    Dear Peter

    Many thanks for your email, and firstly apologies that you have experienced difficulties.

    I have passed your enquiry to our technical support department who will be coming back to you shortly with a response if they haven't already. I manage press relations, therefore am not the best person to offer you the full explanation you require.

    I hope that this will resolve the matter for you. We appreciate your support of Ubisoft and our products and your feedback is useful.

    Kind regards
    Lidia Stojanovic
    Head of communications


    From: Jacqui Lennon [mailto:JLennon at ubisoft dot co period uk]
    Sent: 05 February 2004 18:03
    To: 'peter period aylett atsign lexisnexis dot co period uk'
    Cc: Lidia Stojanovic
    Subject: RE: Will UbiSofts's future be constant game patches?

    Dear Peter,

    Thank you for your e-mail, I am the Support Manager for UBISOFT in the UK and would like to respond to some of the points you raised.

    Firstly I am sure you are aware of the many configerations of pc's in circulation and will therefore appreciate it would be an impossible task for our testing teams to complete every single one before releasing a title. We are constantly looking to improve our customers gaming experience and it is sometimes necessary to release a patch to fix some of these glitches. Beta testing in addtion to own extensive testing ensures we examine the product throughly before releasing it to our customers, if we lived in a perfect world we wouldn't need to produce patches, however we don't and UBISOFT is committed to continuing to provide our customers with the latest information to improve their experience.

    UBISOFT provide free 24 hour 7 day a week on line support at you are also able to visit our support site via direct links from the webiste by selecting FAQ's. This link will take you to our databse, if you were not able to locate the relevant FAQ for your query you can submit a web-mail to our support team by slecting "Ask a Question". We have found web support a far better altenative to the outdated e-mail support which is fast becoming restictive and ineffiecient. In addition for those customers not wishing to use the website, we offer a live telephone support service, this is charged at 30p per minute.

    If you are expereincing a particular problem playing a UBISOFT game, please contact our support team either by web or telepone, where on of our technicicans will be happy to help you.

    If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me again,


    Jacqui Lennon
    UK Support Manager.


    End transmission.

    LOL, Luna how do you spell 'configeration?


    Emails changed to play with the spam harvesters. Lt Bob

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    I am very Anti Ubi...

    Ohh yea and there spell check apparently needs the update patch.. :D


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      Some ideas for a reply anyone? I'd like to try and get a message back to them with some comments from us all. LOL I may even post this up on Ubi's forums, hehe :twisted:


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        She asks for specifics, so I think you should list bugs with the games, pre patch, also re-iterate the size of the patches and suggest that the bugs are global not limited to local configurationators

        If you can, cite a particularly major bug that should have patently been picked up during beta testing and ask how it got through. Keep us posted..I like stuff like this.


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          LOL - Lockon has so many bugs it'd take me a week to compile it.


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            Well.. For one. I get NO audio in LOMAC once I enter the game. I get audio during setup, while selecting my jet, while looking at the maps, and while waiting the 27.6 minutes it takes to load a LOMAC map. As soon as I enter the game, all sounds disappear.

            I've upgraded and checked all my drivers. Still no go.

            Thanks again UBI!
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              Definitely mention the use of anti-aliasing (AA) in Raven Shield does not work with ATI cards. Although this is more for Ubisoft Montreal, they should know that their current implementation of AA does not meet the standard ATI has set with their drivers, which was raised after Catalyst 3.7s.

              Another thing to mention is their websites. RvS has a horrid reputation for not updating news very well. It's typical that the French or German official website will get updated with news about the next patch but the English version will not say a word. It seems that this international company is not working together like one unit. For the longest time, the English website would post news about new patches but not update the Patches section. To me, that represents a poorly organized company.

              Something else to keep in mind is that Ubisoft publishes and develops games. IL2 was developed by Maddox Games so it would be their fault for crappy dedicated server support. Ubi can only be blamed for not telling them to implement it. Other games like RvS and apparently Lock On are developed by Ubi and can take full responsibility for their crappy releases. They still have some good games like Prince of Persia. It was a solid game without any problems playing through to the end.

              It's hit and miss with games these days. They don't have the funding like other companies that target a larger audience. Application developers have a better chance of making money of a product because they target a larger percentage of computer users. This includes computers used at work where games are often not allowed.

              - It's who you game with.


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                  Originally posted by jex
                  LOL - Lockon has so many bugs it'd take me a week to compile it.
                  I think that could be the point. Most people wouldn't take the time to compile a comprehensive list of problems with a game. Support and Help-Desks are notorious for shuffling you off if you don't have specifics about the problem or if it can't be recreated.

                  One email from a user is probably not going to concern them much.

                  Take the time to supply them with a clear objective list and see how they handle it.

                  my 2 coppers :)
                  I do what I can.

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                    My email was not a technical query. I was after some explanation as to why Ubi produce buggy games and release them. She didn't answer my email at all really.


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                      That's the thing -- she's missed the entire intent of the message...

                      ... not seeing the bigger picture
                      ... not getting the point
                      ... not catching your drift
                      ... not reading between the lines
                      ... not getting a clue

                      ... not feeling you.
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                        You got passed to a technical support person. They don't operate in terms like "why was the game realeased buggy".

                        If you send this person a list of bugs, then you'll get action. If you want an answer to your mail, you're going to need to ask to be passed to someone else, like a production executive or something.
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                          they arent paid to see the point, they are paid to give a standard reply in laymand's turns. they arent trained to deal with 'above average' computer users.. saying 'there are alot of different computers and they all dont fit together the same way' is good enough for most people. too bad for them the number of educated computer users is rising and simply saying that wont cut it forever.

                          Soon, they will get their act together or fail miserably! muahahaha..

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                            Jex forgot to mention that the bugs aren't isolated to him but are consistent among all players here. So Ubi can shove that "many configerations" excuse in the garbage bin.

                            - It's who you game with.


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                              I think I understand why game makers prefer to cater to the console market when they get so much love from the loyal PC consumers.

                              Suppose they'd held off on these releases to ensure that everything was bug free? We PC consumers would probably shower them with as much praise as Valve gets around here. Where's my game I want it NOW. Somebody call a waaambulance. We got a bleeder!

                              There's no way for them to win, so might as well release and get the cash flow going.




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