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    I feel very compelled to pimp this website.

    Though I'm sure many of you know of this website, is the internet's biggest collection of video game music remixes. Dedicated to updating the classic video game themes of yesterday with the technology of today, OCremix has produced perhaps the largest repository of game music on the internet. Since they are original compositions by fans, they are without copyright and free for anyone to download and enjoy. Expect exceptional quality that will bring you back to yesteryear when these songs looped in your head every day.

    In particular, I recommend one of their most outstanding remix projects, the DOOM remix project.

    Every single track on this 22 song album is phenomenal, which is something considering the quality of the original DOOM soundtrack, a milestone in the music of video games.
    You were once like the newbie who needed a hand from above and TacticalGamer gave you it.

    You owe the newbie who comes after you that same outstretched hand from above on your honor as a Tactical Gamer.

    Tactics at TG come from trust and friendship, not meticulous detail and rigid discipline.

    Everyone should be assumed mature until proven otherwise.

    We are no clan.
    We are not a single game.
    We are mature, intelligent, and cooperative individuals.
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