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  • Introducing myself here

    SUp everyone here, wanted to take some time to say hello and thank you all for this community.
    I am a FPS veteran, been playing FPS games since RTCW back in the day. I have also played RTCW ET, BF1942, BF Vietnam, BF2, SOF2 and a bunch others. What brings me here is Red Orchestra. I have been gaming with the same clan for over 6 years now, however they are addicted and hooked on WoW. Wow just doesnt do it for me, i have tried but i am a fragger at heart. Anyway i am looking for a group that i can be a part of and play some organzed RO and BF2. Glad to be here! ANyway if i can get some instructions on how i can get involved in gaming with you all that would be great. thanks again, see you all on the battlefields!

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    Re: Introducing myself here

    Welcome to TG, POWMIA! Your very first stop should be to check out our signature limitations ;) Then, head down to the BF2 and RO forums and read their rules & SOPs.. Then, hop on a server and have fun!
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