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  • Favorite Web Sites I've found out about a great deal of cool sites since coming to this forum a year ago. In an attempt to continue this trend, I'm inviting you guys to list some of your favorite on-line sites.

    I'll start:

    The Onion

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    Re: Favorite Web Sites

    absolutely not safe for work. Probably not safe to post here with or without the warning.

    Lots of funny material, though that may be in the eye of the beholder. There are a couple work-safe boards, the auto board, uhh.. the videogame board.. that's mostly it.
    Electronica internet radio
    Metal internet radio, but they play a LOT of REALLY crappy stuff because most people there think Grave are the best death metal band ever, and alot of really good thrash 'isn't metal enough' for them.
    99.9% of the internet already knows this exists but there's that .1% that don't so heres the link.


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      Re: Favorite Web Sites

      Funny quotes from IRC.

      Just your basic PC gaming news site.


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        Re: Favorite Web Sites

        one of my favorite gaming sites, usually has a podcast everyweek, including the 1up show about games. love it.

        one of my favorite places to shop online.


        has some hilarious media.


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          Re: Favorite Web Sites


          for computer related tests and reviews.

          For general gaming news and other reviews

          For ROM emulation

          that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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            Re: Favorite Web Sites

            Well, I'm too much of a n00b on this board to really post any links, so I'll fake my way through it...

            www . fites . net --> LAN Party gaming group in Central PA
            www . google . com / ig --> Google's portal/personalized page
            www . homestarrunner . com --> You can come away with so many good quotes from the SBemails
            www . anandtech . com --> Most in-depth, un-biased hardware news/reviews site on the net


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              Re: Favorite Web Sites

              Nice thread...

              All of these should be safe for work, but the links therein may not.





              I also have to give my blessing to The Onion and's dot com!!!


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                Re: Favorite Web Sites

                I'm kinda surprised that no one has listed this little site:



                I'm kinda biased, but this is my "home team's" site:


                I think of the forums there as my personal blog, so my post rate is about 10x the next most vocal member. The Sensitive Topics section is the equivalent of TG's Sandbox. I regularly cross-link threads between MA and TG, proud of both my homes.

                And my 3rd favorite site:


                My favorite political site:

                Dude, seriously, WHAT handkerchief?

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                  Re: Favorite Web Sites

                  A few of my favs I check out almost daily:






                  [squadl] [sniper][unit]


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                    Re: Favorite Web Sites

                    oh yeah, this is a really really fun site to visit

                    can look how websites have changed in the years since 1996, look @ yahoo in 1996,


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                      Re: Favorite Web Sites

                      Let's see, the tabs that all load when I start FireFox are:

             Personalized homepage.



             Forums and info on evil black rifles.

             Knife forum.

             Online DVD rental similar to Netflix.

             Personalized homepage without sports scores, movie released or decent weather forecasts.
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                        Re: Favorite Web Sites

                        For you programmers out there

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                          Re: Favorite Web Sites

                          I'm waiting to see some fellow /b/tards but it doens't look like I will :(


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                            Re: Favorite Web Sites

                            I forgot to put my favorite radio station on the list...


                            THE FUTURE OF ROCK 'N ROLL...

                            They play Velvet Underground, Public Enemy, Chemical Brothers, Neko Case, Morrissey, Elf Power...a lot of modern stuff too. Here's the playlist from 1900-2000 EDT tonight...

                            Woxy Playlist


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                              Re: Favorite Web Sites

                              For anything network & security related




                              TeamSpeak 3 Server


                              Twitter Feed