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Looking to my buddies across the pond for some help...

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  • Looking to my buddies across the pond for some help...

    Thats right you guys from the UK, my British brethren. I need some help since I can't seem to get any here in the states.

    For the past year I have been on a hunt for some fine thread socket head cap screws with a low head.

    These are the type of screws you use an allen wrench on. The reason why I have been unable to find them here in the states is because they are a bizzare thread pitch and I need them a bizzare length (Leave it to Chrysler for this mess).

    Here are the dimensions of what I need: 12.9 M10 x 1.00 x 60mm.

    12.9 = grade (I'll settle for 10.9)
    M = size
    1.00 = thread pitch
    60mm = length

    The reason why I'm have a hard time finding these bolts/screws is because here in America the common thread pitch is 1.5 which I can find in an abundance, I can even find 1.25 but neither of which do me any good.

    Now, before you ask, "Why don't you just buy the 1.25 and have whatever you are using them in retapped for that thread pitch?" Here's the answer. I can't. The thing I'm using them in is hardened steel. I've tried having it retapped. I've been to several machine shops and a garage that does work on big construction vehicles knowing full well they come across weird stuff and I get laughed at. Quite literally. Laughed at. Then told it's virtually impossible to retap hardened steel. Oh, its possible alright, but no one has the machine to do it.

    I can get the length, and size and thread pitch I need here in the states but as a grade 8.8 which well, lets face it. Its like butter. Especially when you are running over 300 ft.lbs of torque across the thing. Can anyone say, "Waiting for an accident?"

    I've seen a few websites that have these bolts/screws. The problem is, they are in the UK. So, I'm hoping that you guys may be able to obtain them for a lot less money; ie without a minimum purchase of $300US dollars.

    Which brings me to another point. I will buy the bolts, even pay international shipping on them. I just need a Brit to buy them for me since I can't find them over here in the US.

    So, if anyone from the UK wants to help a fellow TGer and BF2 player out with these obviously impossible to find bolts I'd really appreciate it and be forever indebted to you.

    I do need 24 of these bolts/screws.

    I'm cannon fodder.



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