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  • My Public service Announcement!

    As most of you know the summer is coming up on us soon and we all know what that means Swimming! We also know what that means for all of us parents who have a pool and little ones running around wanting to be in the pool 24/7 especially here in AZ where the summer temps can reach 120 degrees OUCH! and I am one of the lucky ones who has to work in that 10-12 hrs a day :row__684:

    Anyway I thought I would share this very cool program that a parent might be interested in for their child. The program is called ISR or Infant Swim Resource. This program is amazing to say the least, it teaches children to survive if they were to ever fall in the pool if there were no parental supervision around. How many times have you heard grieving parents say they just turned their back for 1 min and look at the results although I doudt it was 1 min but I digress.

    My daughter Emily was 22 months old and she completed the course in about 4-5 weeks but she excelled in this course graduating earlier than any participant of her age group from this instructor. The classes are 1 on 1 and are about 10mins long 5 days a week. This class will teach kids to do a swim float swim technique to survive in the water. They are not taught to swim like traditional swimming lessons but it teaches them to survive which I think is key. The children are taught to pick a spot and do whatever they can do to reach that point. If they get tired they turn over and float until they get their breath back and then they turn back over and try to reach the destination point, if they tire again they turn back over and float. It really teaches them to respect the water. This class is not a substitute for parental supervision!

    I have a link to a movie of my daughter during the class and a picture, it's very short about 12 seconds long. If any parent might be interested in this class and has questions about this program please feel free to PM me with any questions.



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