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  • New Face to TG?

    Hey all,

    I see lots of new faces coming to the forums. People posting, conversating, playing etc etc...

    What I don't see is a lot of new posts from all of you new faces in the "Sticky" Interested in Joining the Irregulars? thread.

    If you cannot make the commitment or requirments to get into one of the other In-House squads, Irregulars is a perfect fit, and you don't even have to "pay" to become a member, although your support is appriciated, it's not required for the Irregulars. I know, because that's the kind of situation I was when I came across TG. I wanted to commit to TG, but didn't have a place here to call home.

    I can't let it go unmentioned that there are several other places to find out more about TG and our way of the community. Be sure to check out these links also. You will also find various signatures with links to these places too. It's good reading and helpful reading at the same time.

    TG Official Rules, Announcements, and SOP's
    Tactical Gamer Primer
    Official TG BF2 Quick Start Guide and FAQ

    Interested in Joining the Irregulars?

    Irregulars Tactical Wiki
    The Irregulars FAQ
    Irregulars Forum

    Come Play BF2 Tactical Mod
    BF2 Server Schedule

    So! Just remember when your here, if you're new and even if you're not, we invite you to frequently check out the Irregulars Forum, to find out what were up to, and see how were doing. Ask questions, make comments, were all here at TG to help you, the new folks, to become aquainted and gain the knowledge of how we play inside and outside of TG.

    On a side note, I know I had some problems understanding some of the terminology on the boards. As simple as it was here are a few tips.
    • SM = Squad Member / Supporting Member
    • SL = Squad Leader
    • CO = Commanding Officer

    If there are any that you don't know, but don't feel like asking. Please feel free to PM me and I can help you. If I don't know the answer I will find out for you. I'm sure I speak for any of the people here at TG in that regard!


    I hope those of you that are new to TG would like to find a place called "Home" here at TG. It is certainly a great community of friends, family, and gamers alike. I know that I have found a home here because it definately is such a great community of people. TG isn't limited to Battle Field 2either, there are plenty of other forums on the site, feel free to find your place and find something specific that suits your fancy.

    Happy TG'ing!
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    Re: New Face to TG?

    Go Geier! And you've hardly been here a month.




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