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  • Capturing flash movies or pics...

    Hey everyone.

    This has been bothering me for awhile. First off, I'm really an idiot when it comes to technology so cut me a bit of slack.

    Recently I have seen many macromedia flash pictures and movies that I wanted to copy or post links to...but when you right click on it you only have the option to stop it or zoom in on it or read all about macromedia flash...

    Is there a way to capture this media or is its uncapturability (prolly not a word huh?) a built in web defense so that you don't copy media from websites?

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    Re: Capturing flash movies or pics...

    Assuming it's not an application streaming the actual content from yet another source, you can capture it. But your average web browser won't cut it for doing that. You'll need to examine the HTML source to find the location the Flash is being downloaded from and then "manually" retrieve the Flash file using a tool like wget or curl.
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