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Lockdown patch in the works!

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  • Lockdown patch in the works!

    News to me, didn't think they would ever support that piece of... nevermind... lol

    no set date on release yet, but heres whats included...

    Lockdown patched fixes:

    - Sound popping should be fixed both in software and hardware modes
    - Improved software buffer sound
    - Added in-game option to select hardware/software mixing
    - Fixed some 3D sound propagation issues

    - Fixed a few AI issues
    - Fixed smoke grenade bug for AI team members
    - Fixed a few hostage issues in MP Rivalry modes

    - Added direct connect to server command line option "lockdown -client ipaddressort", i.e. "lockdown -client"
    - Improved ping time number, still does a full game loop ping
    - Fixed connection issues when playing online
    - Fixed some online dialogs and queries
    - Changed PunkBuster behavior so it doesn't automatically turn off
    - Added ability to specify game port for online and offline connection
    - Fixed unlimited rounds on dedicated server
    - Encrypted passwords
    - Fixed a few game browser filtering issues
    - Fixed Free For All spawn location bug for 'merc' side
    - Fixed a few bugs affecting scoring in Rivalry modes
    - Added spectator mode view when you die in No Respawn games

    Dedicated Server

    - New command line "lockdownded filename.nds"
    - New rcon command "nextmap"
    - Fixed more than a few crash issues
    - Dedicated server doesn't require D3D to run anymore
    - Multiple bug fixes
    - Added a few rcon commands
    - Added 16-player dedicated server support
    - Dedicated server can now be started from the command line
    - Ability to run multiple servers using different ports/IP addresses on a single machine
    - Fixed a few issues with reticule disappearing or not being the proper color in some game MP modes
    - Fixed a few crashes related to kits and loadouts

    Mod system
    - Fixed a few crash issues
    - Fixed a search order issue preventing replacement of guns, items, etc.

    - Added suicide and suicidesp console commands

    New Options
    - AUDIO
    "disableVoiceCommand", turn off voice recognition
    - GAME
    "spAlternateMovementSpeed", to use old Rainbow Six/Raven Shield walk/run speeds
    "usePlayerNameOnline", allows player to use their PlayerName when going online instead of login name
    "LANPortNumber", Default 2346 allows you to change LAN port
    Changing the offline connection port should only be done if you KNOW what you are doing since ONLY machines using the SAME LAN port will be able to see each other to play the game. Changing this setting on a single machine will effectively prevent the machine from playing with others.

    "UBIDotComPortNumber",Default 2346. Changing this can help fix router/firewall issues

    "LANIPAddress", default "". Mostly for tech people (not recommended unless you know what you are doing)

    "UBIIPAddress", default "". Mostly for tech people (not recommended unless you know what you are doing)
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    Re: Lockdown patch in the works!

    Hm. Sounds like the patch could use one more fix:

    - Game no longer sucks




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