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the time the guy at my LAN cheated

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  • the time the guy at my LAN cheated

    I say "my LAN" in that "I was there." I didn't host it or anything. I just don't get to LANs a lot, so this was sorta "the" LAN for me.

    It was Million Man LAN last summer. You guys who were there: correct me on any important details I'm screwing up here. My memory sucks.

    Anyway.. I just mentioned this in #tacticalgamer (join us), so I thought I'd share it here, too.

    Man... the visuals from this memory.. I'll never forget them.

    [20060703 16:08] Wyzcrak__: have I ever told you guys about the experience I had with the cheater at MML (millionmanlan) last summer?
    [20060703 16:08] Wyzcrak__: buncha nerds in a warehouse, right? like... 1500 of us
    [20060703 16:09] XMadness: no you didnt, go ahead
    [20060703 16:09] XMadness: =)
    [20060703 16:09] Wyzcrak__: friday night, I arrive. thing's been going on for a day or two, and they're in some CS tournament thing... big projector showing real-time footage blahh blahhh blahhhh
    [20060703 16:09] *** micr0c0sm ([email protected]) has signed off IRC (Read error: Connection reset by peer).
    [20060703 16:09] Wyzcrak__: I go about my business and retire for the evening.
    [20060703 16:09] Wyzcrak__: I show up sat again around noon
    [20060703 16:09] Wyzcrak__: management guy is on center stage with a microphone and starts playing footage from the night before
    [20060703 16:10] Wyzcrak__: dudeA has authoritative footage of dudeB hacking during the tournament
    [20060703 16:10] Wyzcrak__: this is where is gets CRAZY
    [20060703 16:10] Wyzcrak__: it's tradition at this event that everyone brings his own roll of duct tape
    [20060703 16:10] Wyzcrak__: PC repairs, sticking tables together, whatever
    [20060703 16:11] Wyzcrak__: I'll say 250 post-pubescent males of all ages and demographics surround this 14-year-old and ABSOLUTELY CACOON his ass with duct tape. I mean his two nostrols and eyes were the ONLY PARTS OF HIS BODY which were visible
    [20060703 16:11] Wyzcrak__: the roar of these men was amazing
    [20060703 16:11] TheAdj`: angry gamers. terrifying.
    [20060703 16:11] Wyzcrak__: they pick him up like a really long log and carry him on their shoulders across the entire .... whatever (warehouse thing)
    [20060703 16:11] XMadness: lol
    [20060703 16:12] Wyzcrak__: they prop him up against this brick wall and DUCT TAPE HIS ASS 10 feet off the ground like a PRIZE BUCK
    [20060703 16:12] XMadness: see, when i go to lans, i make sure i carry a defensive weapon on me
    [20060703 16:12] Wyzcrak__: I will, no kidding, NEVER forget the look of fear in his eyes (given that's all of his body you could see).
    [20060703 16:12] Wyzcrak__: this child was terrified
    [20060703 16:12] Wyzcrak__: some of these guys up in his grill were 400 pounds easy
    [20060703 16:13] XMadness: LMAO
    [20060703 16:13] Wyzcrak__: I'm not kidding... it was Lord of the Flies for a minute there

    [20060703 16:13] XMadness: hmm a 14 yrs old cheater, what can be more tastier than that
    [20060703 16:13] XMadness: GRILL HIM BOYS!!
    [20060703 16:13] XMadness: WERE HAVING SOME HACKERS TONITE!
    [20060703 16:14] Wyzcrak__: haha
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    Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

    Cheating at a LAN? That's just asking for it. :row__679:
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      Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

      Duct tape: modern tar & feathers :madsmile:


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        Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

        SWEET! That is how it's done, I wish I could witness that some day. Dam good use of duct tape too, and if they are showing game footage on a very big screen at least leave your obvious hacks at home (always that chance you might show up on screen hacking the crap out of the other team with one clip from your pistol).

        There was a video online a while ago of a kid getting caught cheating at a LAN party and they took him and his computer outside and proceeded to whip his computer at the ground, that would be such an OWNED moment for that silly cheater.

        Thanks for sharing that.


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          Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

          SO, did he get his computer thrown out the door like this guy? -->
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            Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

            Originally posted by RocketPunch
            SO, did he get his computer thrown out the door like this guy? -->

            Best part of the vid is the final quote "that power suply is still good right?". Man the only thing scarier than angry geeks is geeks going over the goods....
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              Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

              That video has got to be staged...

              And while cheating is pathetic, that is horrible!
              So noone (including you) did anything to prevent this?
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                Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

                I've heard from LAN-heads that that video is staged. I wouldn't feel that bad for the guy even if it was real though. What kind of idiot cheats at a LAN (or at all)?
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                  Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

                  I was there.. I actually rode down there with Wyz. Great view going down and back.
                  Anyways, to the story.

                  It was awesome. Duct tape + Little hacker = THE PWN.
                  It was awesome, and there is actually a video of it out there somewhere. I'll try to find it!


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                    Re: the time the guy at my LAN cheated

                    AHHH Here it is... ENJOY!




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