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Reno911 comes to iTunes/iPod...

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  • Reno911 comes to iTunes/iPod...

    As I mentioned a while back, I finally picked up an iPod about 6 months ago... and been loving it...

    Not only do I have my entire CD collection (2000 plus songs) on it, but also about 50 music videos I've purchased, my own personal videos (like my tazer incident and some of TG gameplay videos I made), I also have about 10 audio books like Black Hawk Down, We were soldiers, History channel episodes of WW2, D-day, Tom Clancy novels ect ect...

    I got a number of TV shows like NASCAR review, NFL review, NHL review... The Dave Chappell show (season 1 and 2), Mind of Medusa series, HILL STREET BLUES season, Jackass seasons...

    and NOW, finally... I've been waiting for it... Season 1 and 2 of RENO 911, lol... funny funny stuff... if you've never seen it before.

    TRUE STORY: Reno 911 saves innocent man from arrest...
    The very first season the very first episode... I'm watching Reno 911 in the patrol room before roll call... We go out on patrol, shortly later theres a car pursuit, the Black male crashes the car at an apartment complex runs into a certain apartment where a white sleeveless T-shirt... a witness tells us that he went into "that apartment", we knock...and sure enough a skinny guy fitting the description is there, he's a 16 year old... My back up (newbie officer) wants to immediately arrest him... but he's not sweating (was a long run to the apartment), he's relaxed and OK... his family says he was there all night (ya right, lol)... anyway... He mentions that he just finished watching Reno 911 then started playing video games... I questioned him on the first episode ever played, and he knew all the answers... I said it wasn't him, we apologized and left. (15 minutes later found the same description 2 buildings over... lol funny stuff.)
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    Re: Reno911 comes to iTunes/iPod...

    LOL! Model police work there!
    "No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country.
    He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country."

    - Attributed to General George Patton, Jr.




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