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  • Motorcycle help!

    Alright here is the scoop:

    I bought an 83 kz 440 (cruiser, not a rocket) about 2 months ago. I've spent all summer fixing this or that on the bike. After weeks of working on the carbs myself (previous owner had "rebuilt" them) and not getting the bike to run efficiently or for more then 5 minutes, I sent the carbs in to a professional to rebuild, rejet, and tune the carbs... and I must say they came back looking FABULOUS.

    I installed the carbs, but ran into problems. The bike starts up nearly every time, but the first time it idled at 5 grand after warming up (turning down the choke left me at 9 grand and an overheated engine and a big oily mess to clean up). I turned the bike off, moved the idle adjuster, and started the bike. Now it idles at 1200 after its warmed up but wont operate unless the choke is all the way on (suggesting a lean mixture). Turning the choke off (1/4, 1/2, or all the way) makes the bike start to backfire and it eventually dies. -edit- Apparently backfiring is caused by a mixture too lean. I may have a vacuum leak somewhere, but it shouldn't effect performance this much.

    So I'm completely stumped. As far as I know and from what Ive checked, I don't have any vacuum leaks.

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    Re: Motorcycle help!

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
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