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Any David Gilmour fans?

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  • Any David Gilmour fans?

    So, as I'm sitting here writing a short story, I'm listening to On An Island by David Gilmour and I'm wondering if anyone else is a Pink Floyd/Gilmour Fan? I really enjoy On an Island, although it sounds like happy Pink Floyd. Kinda weird but I really enjoy it.

    The Guitar and the Voice always did it for me.

    Anyone else own the CD or any other Floyd? I lost my collection back last year during Katrina, but I did manage to get Animals. When I was taking a bus ride from Orlando to Tampa, a random guy I was talking to noticed I was wearing an Animals shirt and we got to talking. When I said I had lost my collection in the hurricane, he reaches into his travel bag and hands me his copy. It was one of the nicest gestures a complete stranger ever did for me. Help me get back some of what I lost.


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    Re: Any David Gilmour fans?

    me me me me me me!

    I own "On an Island" (I got it the day it came out.) I'm a huge fan of Floyd and a huge fan of Gilmour.

    /ends Fangirl squeal.

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      Re: Any David Gilmour fans?

      I had a pretty hefty collection of Floyd on vinyl, including the two early Gilmour solo albums and the two early Waters solo albums. I have since gotten all of the Floyd stuff on CD, but I never got the solo stuff again even though I quite enjoyed it.

      Heck, I even played keyboards in a band that performed a couple of Floyd tunes at one point (one show).

      I'm not a fan of the Floyd material done after the break-up. It is interesting, but nowhere near as good as what came before. I kinda wish DG had just pursued his solo stuff like Roger did.

      I had the pleasure of catching the Roger Waters Radio Chaos tour in 1987 followed by the Floyd (sans Waters) tour in 1988. Both shows were good, but I preferred the Radio Chaos show. If you like albums with stories behind them, that's a great one.

      So yes, I've been a fan for awhile... what was the question again? Ya, I like Gilmour's solo stuff and I will have to listen to some of the new stuff. :)
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        Re: Any David Gilmour fans?

        I'm definitely a fan of the older Pink Floyd stuff, right up to around Wish You Were Here, which is actually the second song I learned to play on guitar (after Redemption Song). I did get to see them in 94 and it was an incredible, unforgettable show at the old Tampa Stadium.

        I recently came across a pretty cool cover song of 'Fearless' from Meddle by Ambulance LTD. Linkage below. :)


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          Re: Any David Gilmour fans?

          I'm a long-time fan. I had the whole collection of Floyd stuff on vinyl and tape, and have since replaced it with a CD copy. I also have all the solo stuff, except About Face and Nick Mason's Ficticious Sports. Add The Wall (the movie) and Live at Pompei to the mix as well.

          Saw them twice in '94, once from the VIP section, which was awesome.

          I'm not crazy about On an Island; I enjoy his voice and the familiarity of his guitar, but I just didn't find it lyrically strong or that it really had much life to it. Gilmour's first solo effort was by far his best.

          As for my favorite Floyd period, I'm basically a huge fan of Dark Side through to The Wall.


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            Re: Any David Gilmour fans?

            I would suggest that the thread title is a rhetorical question.
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