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Question : Quake Wars comms

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  • Question : Quake Wars comms

    Official Website

    Does anybody know of how team comms will be set up in Quake Wars ?
    Will it be anything like BF2 squad VOIP with spawn on SL ?

    In my opinion RO failed because there was no squad system coded into the game

    The videos look great, and its about time another big company challenges DICE & EA in the Battlefield genre

    This game could be the next big thing on TG

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    Re: Question : Quake Wars comms

    I haven't seen any squad indications on the HUD in the gameplay videos I've watched, and off the top of my head I can't remember them mentioning any squad stuff in the interviews. Since everyone has the same objective 100% of the time (you're always attacking or defending a certain point) there's really not much room for tactics anyways, so a squad leader would have little to do except be a spawn point.


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      Re: Question : Quake Wars comms

      It seems TychoCelchuuu is correct
      I downloaded and watched all the available movies
      to me, the key line is "the server allocates individual objectives"
      this means no SL, this means server is playing role of commander
      the two sides are always fighting over the same area of the map eg
      repair bridge, other team, stop them repairing bridge
      get through tunnel, other team, stop them getting through tunnel
      the standard individual objectives will be orientated around that
      I think VOIP will be like in CSS, team wide VOIP, that people can choose to switch off

      overall I think it will create a more meaningful game for most pubbies by
      constraining them to one point on the front line at a time,
      and the progressive objectives have a story


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        Re: Question : Quake Wars comms

        Originally posted by Exploding_Silver View Post
        In my opinion RO failed because there was no squad system coded into the game
        Thats why i only played it a few times....could never find my freakin squad...much less communicate with them.




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