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Advanced Squad Leader (the board game)

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  • Advanced Squad Leader (the board game)

    Advanced Squad Leader, or ASL, is an extremely comprehensive WWII squad combat board game and it is played with cardboard counters on a hex board. To give you a sense of this game's scope, its rulebook is sold separately in a 600 page 3-ring binder. Its first "module" (which includes the materials to actually play the game) comes with 10 boards and over 2000 counters. Nonetheless, it has been (in addition to its predecessor, Squad Leader) the dominant squad-based tactical wargame for decades. Anyway, enough of the history lesson, here's why I am posting:

    A computer version of the game has been created... sort of. Its called VASL (virtual). While it does allow you to play the game online, it does not include or enforce the rules of the game. You could move your opponent's counters or delete everything if you wanted to. This means that you have to already know how to play the board game, which is difficult without owning the rulebook as well.

    The website can be found here:
    The site hosts a server for VASL and many other games, and there are almost always a few players willing to start a game. Unlike the other tactical games we play here at TG, ASL is not a cooperative or team-based game. However, I think many people here would enjoy it, if they aren't already
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    Re: Advanced Squad Leader (the board game)

    ASL has been a favorite since a very, very long time ago. It went out of print and a small US based company of fans picked up the publishing rights from Avalon Hill.

    I have toyed with VASL in the past and liked it. I would not hesitate to play with fellow TGers if this got some interest.

    It does not get better than this for WWII squad level tactics simulation.
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      Re: Advanced Squad Leader (the board game)

      This is kind of off on a tangent, but kind of interesting.

      There is a game called Squad Assault. If you haven't heard of it, that's OK, it has a modest publisher and didnt break any records in the mainstream gaming department. Anyways, the creators of this game loved ASL, and tried to convey the depth and accuracy of ASL into a game. The result was a beatiful game, with tons of depth and replay value. Picture Armed Assault compared to BF2. Squad Assault could be similarily compared to Company of Heroes.
      Squad Assault

      Anyways, sorry for the thread hi-jack.:row__578:




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