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  • EE vs CS

    Thought some people might enjoy this.

    All in good humor, Wyz =)

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    Re: EE vs CS

    LOL. I sent that to my father in-law. He is the chariman of his computer science department. If I ever wondered if it's possible for him to like me less I'll soon find out :D.
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      Re: EE vs CS

      Heh heh heh, so true.

      <----- EE major, can't ya tell ;).

      I have a few good EE quips:

      "At the heart of every beer, there's an EE."

      "You can't spell geek w.o EE."

      An engineer, programmer, and an administration manager were all driving down a mountain side one day when suddenly the brakes went out. After some skillful driving on the engineer's part, they managed to use the guard rail to slow them down and stop. After getting out and thanking god for their safe stop, they began to figure out what to do.

      "Well, we obviously need to get these brakes fixed," the admin manager said. "So here's what I propose. We form a brake fixing committee and through an iterative process of meetings, we figure out a solution."

      The engineer scoffs, saying, "That'll take way too long, and besides, it's never worked in the first place. Look, I've got a flashlight, pen knife and tools in the trunk. I'll just slide under the car, take a look at what's wrong and fix the brakes and we'll be on our way."

      "I've got a better idea!" exclaims the programmer. "Let's push the car back up the hill and see if it does it again!"

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