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The Most Scary PC Game Ever

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    Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

    I second Alien vs Predator.

    Nothing like being a Marine and filling you pants every time you hear a slight scuttle and then wham Aliens everywhere trying to make you their own.

    System Shock
    Deformed zombies trying to take you out while you skowly run out of ammo.

    Just plain weird but the best scritpted storyline since Half Life 2.

    The Thing
    Which one of you team mates is going to become the thing.

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      Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

      F.E.A.R. scared the bejeesus outta me too. My gf still laughs at me when she remembers me playin at 3 a.m. with the lights out, candles lit, and the speakers cranked, and me jumpin outta my skin and screaming like a schoolgirl that just saw a huge rat. And I have to say that Undying was probably the most underrated game of all time. Scared the crap outta me too, which I should have know it would, Clive Barker was in on the making of the game. (DUH!) :P
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        Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

        Good, I'm not the only one being hassled for.. er... reactions to F.E.A.R. :P

        I had a friend on TS when I played it too... should have heard him. Honestly, the guy himself would make YOU jump and scream (was a walking lightning rod, with metal in every spot on his face he could find) but I think he took the cake when it came to screaming like a little school girl...

        eh... F.E.A.R. was good


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          Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

          F.E.A.R. or Doom 3
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            Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

            I haven't played F.E.A.R yet so I look forward to that....SOme of DOOM 3 was kind of eery especialy played in the dark late at night with a good speaker system or headphones.

            Also for some reason back in the day THIEF when some of those zombies moaned sent chills down my spine....once again playing around midnight with speakers up....

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              Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

              i cant belive i the first one saying this " land of the dead road to fiddlers green". it was realy good and realistic. i played it a lot and got realy bad shocks through the game, it also gave me bad nightmares. my bro. played it and got realy scared too.FEAR didnt make me scared at all.


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                Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                FEAR and Doom 3 scared me, but they were 'shock' scares. Something jump out at you, etc.

                System Shock 2, however, told of a different meaning of fear...


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                  Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                  I haven't played many scary games, so for me I'd have to say Half-Life 2's Ravenholm... that was very scary when I first played it as I hadn't really been paying attention to the zombies in previous levels, when one got close and I saw the hole in it's chest I nearly uninstalled the game right there. Episode 1 was a bit unnerving as well, but I had got used to the zombies by then. When I first saw a 'Zombine' coming at me with a grenade out and I had no ammo left I ran as far as I could.
                  The bridge level in Episode 2 was also weird and a bit scary. The bit when you go into an area and you can just hear a Poison Headcrab Zombie shuffling around and weeping (it sounded like he was crying) in another room made me shiver a bit.
                  Portal would have been a bit unnerving if not for all the dark humour.

                  Yeah... I don't play many horror themed games.

                  Edit: I jumped quite high the first time I played CoD4 and got attacked by a dog... I presumed the barking was part of the ambient sounds, until I got my neck torn out in the middle of a firefight.

                  Edit 2: And of course, the most scary game to play, Runescape. I was playing it and then the scariest thing happened. I realised that I was playing Runescape. It makes me shiver to this day...
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                    Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                    I'd have to say Alien vs Predator for sure. That game was actually really well done. Being a human was pretty creepy. Being an alien wasn't scary, though. Lots and lots of fun playing the whole game from the different perspectives. Good times.

                    After that, I'd have to agree with Phantasmagoria. I miss those old point-and-click adventure games. Sigh...
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                      Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                      I can't believe no one has said S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Overall the game made you feel very alone at times and though it was not supposed to be scary it had its moments.

                      At night walking around in the wild you could always hear the animals but the odd time you would stumble on one and suddenly have a pack chassing you down. I know I found myself shocked and stumbling around hell bent on getting out of there a few times.

                      The worst was in the underground facility with nothing but the odd bit of fire to light your way. There are two spots down there that scared the crap out of me! If you played this part you should know what I'm talking about.


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                        Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever
                        1. DOOM (the first)
                        2. All the Half-Life series
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                          Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                          Originally posted by whistler View Post
                          While not a scary game in and of itself, there is a montage during Max Payne that had me very... creeped out. The part where he goes back to his home, and everything is distorted with a baby crying and people screaming.
                          thats the start of it. I nearly uninstalled after that, but managed to use it to motivate my anger while playing. surprisingly it allowed me to get into char rather than act as a turn off.

                          Sherlock holmes, the awakend has some good scary parts and is also a fantastic adventure game for sherlock holmes fans (available on steam, check out the demo).

                          Doom 3 bored me to tears. It was all the same crap jumping out at you. The story broke my willing suspension of disbelief too often. I ended up god mode chainsaw no clipping the last half of the game. nothing like flying through a wall with a chainsaw and getting a monster in the back before he can jump out of some wall.

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                            Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                            The most eriee game was MYST, being all alone is a weird world, or were you?

                            The game that made me jump out of my chair a few times was COD2, walking around a corner and running into someone who wasn't supposed to be there.
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                              Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                              American McGee's Alice
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                                Re: The Most Scary PC Game Ever

                                Half Life 2 was my winner here. My first playthrough of Ravenholm was a positively scary experience, and the poison zombie had me frozen at the top of the elevator for a minute as I tried to figure out just what the hell that thing was.
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