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  • Paintball scenario game

    Ok guys, every year, about this time I start gearing up for some of the best fun you can have with your clothes on.

    24 hour scenario paintball game in central Florida on 110+ acres.

    1200 players, split 2 teams...taking all comers!

    If any of you are interested, or even play, it is something that you will never forget. Its like CS, are the player, and when you get stings like hell.

    They promote tactics, and just like in CS, there are frag monkeys, but they get what they have coming...lots of welts and lots of pain.

    If you are interested, check it out over at The last game of the year is the blow out, and I have gone every year for the past 6. Of course, now that I am a bit older (and more robust), I chill a lot more (normally play 4-5 hours on Saturday, leave take a shower, grab a good meal, and back at the field around 9pm for the night game which is the best part...)

    If any of you are interested, we could probably form up a nice team and get in on some special ops (sneaking past enemy lines at night to kidnap the opfor commander, stuff like that.)

    ** It isnt cheap, about $50 a head, and you must use field paint ($80 a case) but it is awesome!

    ****** Let me know...I am going to send off my preregisteration paperwork this week.
    If it isn't PCS, whats the point?
    with any questions or concerns.

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    Re: Paintball scenario game

    I've been involved in something like this, where it was like 600 people and it was a BLAST. And $50 bucks for registration is not bad at all, it's really all the paint that kills ya. You will easily go through at least a case (2000 rounds).

    Too bad I can't make it, I'm all the way up here in michigan and I'm using all my vacation days this week. :(
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      Re: Paintball scenario game

      I will be able to make it...I will be heading that way from Crestview(60 miles west of PC). Maybe we can carpool it.
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        Re: Paintball scenario game

        What do you need in the preregistration?
        "Dirtboy is super awesome, and chicks dig him too!"- Everyone




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