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  • Friends and friends of friends alike...

    I've changed my alias on the site (thanks Apo) from Tzefanya to fldash. When I registered here I thought I'd like to try a new alias and Tzefanya was born. I'd been using some incarnation of fldash forever and the change has never really satisfied me so I'm switching back.

    Alias history for those that care...

    My original alias back in the days of the '405' BBS days of 2400 baud modems was 'FlatLine' which I coined after waking up in recovery after surgery and hearing the beep of my machine and having many nurses standing over me with the white sheet over my head still. I'd thought I was dead, but it turns out I'd just woken up quite a bit early and had just been wheeled into recovery.

    'FlatLine' always seemed to be very popular and taken so I shortened it to 'FL-', but there were many sites and games that wouldn't allow three character names or allow the '-' so I spelled it out as 'fldash'.

    On a whim I decided to try to change my alias to 'Tzefanya' but it didn't stick well and I want to go back to 'fldash'. ;)

    If you have me on xfire, you can add me as 'fldash' as I will no longer be using the 'tzefanya' xfire account.
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