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Dynamic Campaigns in Warhammer

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  • Dynamic Campaigns in Warhammer

    I just read that the new Warhammer: Mark of Chaos will have yes,

    Release is slated for Nov. 14th.
    I think until World in Conflict arrives this game might be just what TG needs in the RTS department. It also comes with a map editor I'm told.

    Only problem with is of course... computer power and bandwidth. Every Falcon player knows of this and MoC looks like a serious resource hog. The graphics are better then the Total War series but with much more action as well. Total War put my puter on its knees with 4 players.

    Anways, just wanted to throw this game out there. I've been avoiding RTS for lack of truly coop play. I love Warhammer and MoC seems to be tackling the coop issue so it's definitely something I'll probably try.

    FYI: Demo releases tomorrow

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    Re: Dynamic Campaigns in Warhammer

    Pretty sweet. I hope they let you save your progress; there's no way you could ever make it through a whole single player campaign with 3 friends unless you all have no life. Supreme Commander's supposed to have coop, but that's just going to be skirmishing against the AI, I think.


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      Re: Dynamic Campaigns in Warhammer

      Yah, as far as I know there have NEVER been any Coop Dynamic Campaign RTS. Nearly every RTS has coop skirmishes mind you.

      I think it's safe to assume u can pause and resume the campaign later, etc. though.

      I'm real interested in how they're going to actually implement this. If I had to guess it'll basically be a set amount of armies per campaign and they can be manned by AI or players, friendly or unfriendly.

      What's cool is, if you're a tru tabletop wargamer this will almost feel a lot like that because you rarely "skirmish" such things and many times you're on teams.

      Hopefully I'll get a taste tomorrow as I'm slated to get the demo.




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