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    Hey i havent played games on the pc for about two years now...
    :( :(

    anyway i was just wondering your top two favorite multiplayer games right now

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    Re: Top Games...

    FPS: COD2 and BF2142.

    If you are looking for some good TG gaming those will be your best.

    RTS: Company of Heros or Civ4

    MMO: Eve-online...
    that sounds like a good idea trooper.


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      Re: Top Games...

      For PC: Dystopia (Free mod for HL2) and Counter-Strike (PCS on TG only).


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        Re: Top Games...

        Natural Selection and
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          Re: Top Games...

          On the BF2 side, Point of Existence 2 is a mod that is quite popular at TG now. Numbers rival 2142 on a nightly basis I'd say. COD2, Company of Heros are some other biggies. Others have mentioned CS.
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            Re: Top Games...

            I have been a CoH addict lately, but haven't delved much into multiplayer.

            The Ghost Recon series is enduringly-popular at TG if you're looking for a slower, more methodical FPS experience than BF2 can offer. I'm pretty sure they still play GR every Thursday, and it costs less than $15 bucks to get the game and ex packs. I wish I had time on Thursday's because it's the most fun gaming experience I've had with TG.
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              Re: Top Games...

              If you're going to play BF2, don't forget to check out TacMod. CoD2, PCS and Dystopia are great if you want smaller teams, as is NS if you're looking to be on attack and defence at the same time. DoD:S is making revival noises, although we don't have our own server anymore. GRAW seems to be very popular.

              There's also the game club, where we play less popular games.

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                Re: Top Games...

                thanks for the feedback im new to tg but hope to play with you guys soon


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                  Re: Top Games...

                  CoD2 and America's Army

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