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What are YOU thankful for?

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  • What are YOU thankful for?

    Looking at the big picture, I'm thankful that myself and my family are healthy. We have a roof over our head, we've got broadband, and we're going to stuff ourselves on turkey today!

    I'm not sure if all of you do this on Thanksgiving, but I'm asking you to do it this year. Think of all the people that CAN'T say the things I said above. Think about all the brave men and women deployed overseas in defense of our nation. Think of all the people living in war torn countries. Think of all the folks living in places where there simply isn't any food. Don't forget about the homeless people in your own town. Regardless of how or why these people ended up in the situation they're in, let's be aware and appreciative of how great it is to be living like we do.

    And tonight before dinner, whether you say grace or not, why don't you share your thoughts on this with your friends and family, too?
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    Re: What are YOU thankful for?

    What a great post and a great idea. I think far too few of us really reflect enough on what many blessing we all have on this day, despite any circumstances that we may be in at the moment. I'd love to hear what other TGers are thankful for as well, so maybe we could use this thread for that purpose.

    For my part, I'm thankful that:

    God, in his generosity (or, more likely, oversight) placed me in such a great country that I can say what I want, be who I am, and pursue what I wish (within the limits of more or less reasonable law) without fear of persecution.

    That better men then myself have served, fought, and died in the past and are fighting now for these freedoms which I cherish.

    For the many loved ones surrounding me, both family and friends.

    On a little more mundane level, I'm thankful for (small random selection):

    The Internet
    Game Developers
    Wilbur and Orville Wright
    The Constitution
    Fine Wine & Cuisine

    (Told you it would be random)

    What about the rest of you?


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      Re: What are YOU thankful for?

      Think of the loved ones fighting to keep our country free as well as keeping the peace overseas. Say a prayer to those families and the brave men and women you have given their lives and those who are still in harms way.

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        Re: What are YOU thankful for?

        I am thankful for my daughter, my family and my friends. I am thankful that I live in a country where I am allowed to speak freely, dress whatever way I want and I am not under anyones command. I am thankful for my sister Lisa, Chief, in the US Navy (21 years) and for the protection that she and other enlisted members of our military provide to us so that we are actually able to bow our heads on this Thanksgiving day and give thanks for being together and for the food we are about to eat, without fear of danger or loss of lives on our soil.

        Thank you :)
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          Re: What are YOU thankful for?

          My family, my country, and our boys overseas.

          "For Some They Had Family Waiting For Them. For Others, The Only Family They Had Were The Men They Bled Beside. There Were No Bands, No Flags, No Honor Guards To Welcome Them Home. They Went To War Because Their Country Ordered Them To. But In The End They Didn't Fight For Their Country Or Their Flag, They Fought For Each Other."

          - Joe Galloway
          "We Were Soldiers Once,... And Young"


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            Re: What are YOU thankful for?

            Prosperity - thanks to all of the people who make our country great
            Internet - because we're all addicts now ;)
            Battlefield 2 -an awesome game
            TG - for providing an excellent gaming community free of smacktards
            Life - no comment necessary
            Science - expanding the boundaries of human knowledge
            Beer - for making ugly women look like goddesses :p

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