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    Howdy all.

    Those of you that read Penny Arcade comics likely already know about Child's Play. For those that don't, this is a charity created by the makers of the Penny Arcade comic in response to the notion that gamers are bad people destined to go on killing sprees.

    Here's the basics. There are a bunch of children's hospitals across the world. If you've ever been through a children's ward in a hospital, you likely know how miserable it is for these kids to be stuck inside a scary place awaiting a scary or tiresome procedure. I personally was in the hospital twice as a kid, and it sucked every single minute (even though my stuff was relatively minor, like getting my tonsils out). These hospitals use video games, books, videos, playdough- all sorts of things to help entertain the kids and alleviate anxiety. I know I would have loved something to keep me busy, but none of it was really around when I was a wee one.

    You can select and view the wish list of a hospital of your choice at the Child's Play website. Orders go through, go directly to the hospital and are tax-deductible.

    I'm not here to tell you guys to donate (I hate when a charity is being shoved in my face), simply to make you aware of something I consider a pretty damn good charity. Personally, I only give to charities that solely benefit children. Mix in the fact that this organization was created and is supported by gamers, and it just seems right. I missed the boat last year when I found out about the charity (item donations are taken around the holiday times), but promised I would make it this year.

    If you're interested, or simply want to know more about the organization, please take a look at their website.
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    Re: Child's Play Charity

    Youd like me to donate to a soul switching serial-killer trapped in the body of a doll?

    Oh well, at least it isnt PETA! HAW HAW!

    Seriously though, it says they collect zero administrative fees. Thats wonderfull considering the amount that even the Red Cross absorbs to pay its employees.


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      Re: Child's Play Charity

      *Bump* Just read about this and think its a good idea. I wanted to make sure I didn't double post so I searched and found it here already.

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