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    Okay, with all the muggings and whatnot SEEMINGLY over with in regards to the PS3 or Wii. I'm curious if anyone here at TG experienced something interesting or unusual when aquiring their Next Gen Console. What lead up to you getting your hands on one of these boxes. Was it sitting outside in line for 12 hours straight, did YOU mug someone for theirs? (I should hope not..)

    Everyone who gets one of these consoles also gets a great deal of pride, knowing how 'rare' they are. And people with alot of pride tell stories. What's your story?

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    Re: Your Next Generation Console:

    I may hate myself for it but I had to wait on line for a Wii.

    It all started on the Saturday before the launch I called my friend and asked him if he wanted to go with me. Now he works at BBY but his store is closed on Sundays. He had it reserved at his store but when I asked him if he wanted to come he broke down pretty quickly. The plan was the he would sleep over my house and we would wake up early at like around 7 and go to the West Paterson BBY and pick one up.

    At that time I wasn't too sure how big the Wii would be but I felt you would be able to get one on launch day if you got there early enough. However at 6 I was with my mother driving around we went to Home Depot and I figured hey let's stop by Best Buy and see if anyone was outside. We drove by at 6pm and saw no one lined up.

    I am an IGN insider (only good thing about that is the message boards) so I was on the Wii General Board and all the posts about people lining up already started to get me worried and paranoid. So at around 9 I called my friend and I told him let's go check BBY again. He was with one of his friends and I picked him up at 10:30.

    We were driving to the store just talking about the Wii and what we would do if there was a line. We figured if there is no line we just go home and come back at 7am and wait until the store opens. If there is a line we wait on it depending on how long it is. If it was short we would just go and come back at like 2 or 3 and just wait out.

    At 10:55 we get in range of BBY and we see the cars in front of us pulling into the parking lot. We look at each other and hope they are just doing what we are doing and checking out the store. We made the right onto the street that leads to the parking lot and when we see the lot we notice it is pretty full. We see the line and it is well around the building.

    We panic and in the confusion I got talked into staying outside. My friend called his uncle and told him to bring us some chairs and I went home to get snacks and drinks. When I got back his uncle was already there holding my spot in line and pretended to be me. I wa number 75 and Hector was 76.

    It was about 35 degrees so what we would do was take turns in my car to warm up. One of the managers stayed in the store with some of the other employees. Around 3am I went on a White Castle run and came back with some more food. At 8 they handed out tickets and at 9 people went in to the store to shop. I got home around 11am after I dropped off my friend at his house.
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      Re: Your Next Generation Console:

      All the lines in Oklahoma City were full by 1-2pm on Saturday. I got to a Walmart around 5-6pm and was number #23 and they supposedly were getting 20 consoles. I saw one of my friends up at #13, so I told everyone I was #23, but that I was going to go sit by my friend and BS with him. He and I end up talking to #12 quite a bit, and #12's girlfriend comes by the line. They have a brief conversation and she leaves, then he receives a phone call and looks at me and says, "Do you want my spot? I gotta go." And, of course, I told him I did. I moved from #23 to #12 in around 2 hours. ;)

      When midnight rolled around, they really did only have 20 consoles. I wouldn't have been able to get one but because of some weird fortune I was. I was also able to get an extra controller and nunchuk (second to last set).
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        Re: Your Next Generation Console:

        I had my wife go sit in the freezing cold overnight to get one.
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