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  • Planetside

    I'm wondering why the TG community never got into Planetside?

    Does anyone here play the game or has anyone played the game? If you did, are you still? Or what made you leave?

    For me it was just the lack of finding a group that actually got the game for it was. And once I found TG, nothing else really measured up to the squad combat we have here. Though I've always wondered why this community never translated over to that game. It just seemed to be a no brainer based off of what TG is all about.

    Tactics. Large scale battles. Squad based combat. Capture and Hold...and on and on. Think BF2 style of game, Sci-Fi setting and a persistant world. Where your actions hold a more lasting sway over the world than just a 30 minute map.

    From my time spent playing it from beta through the first year and a half, it seemed to be the perfect fit for the TG mindset.

    Now I realize the game is getting a bit long in the tooth and had/has some issues, but at it's core, it's damn fun and just fits TG more than most current FPS shooter games on the market.

    So what was/is it? Lack of exposure to the game? Pay to play aspect? (though TG people pay to play almost every MMO including EVE and WoW) Fear of anything has has "leveling" along with calling itself a First Person Shooter? :row__593:

    Or was it the fact that you could never actually "Win" the game that turned the community off?

    Something else?

    It's all in the Reflexes.

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    Re: Planetside

    I played Planetside quite a bit back in it's heyday (squad medic mostly). I played last year for the "return" trial they offered, but I quit shortly after. Most of the core players that made the game fun for me were not active. The platoons I played with were very team oriented which was exactly what I was looking for in BF2. My personal opinion was that the dev team didn't implement enough features after BR20 CR5. I think any veteran from PS that would try 2142 would find it a very smooth transition and vice versa. Not sure why TG never picked up on it, though.




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