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Map Playtest For NS.

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  • Map Playtest For NS.

    This is the NS map i am making. i would like feedback from anyone interested. its my first map so don't expect the best. All members are wellcome.

    thank you.

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    Re: Map Playtest For NS.

    Hey, those screenies look pretty good Yellow! You've got a good sense of proportion and atmosphere and that's a pretty impressive thing to pull off for your first map. I don't have NS or know NS gameplay, so I can't comment further, but I would recommend taking cobra and swiftsphere's advice about the design. When you're dealing with a futuristic setting you can take a lot of liberties with style.

    Back when I did a lot of Quake 2 mapping, I wrote an article that I think you might find helpful. It's a technique I used to help break up monotonous square rooms and to give a little more 3D depth to an area. It's really a design article that works across games, though it is less applicable in real-world designs. If you're interested, you can read it here.

    You should PM me some more screen shots if you can.


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      Re: Map Playtest For NS.

      Interesting and well writen article. I recognise many of the things you talk about, in particularly from UT maps. You don't need to be so self concious and appologetic about such minor things as accidental alliteration though ;)

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