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Should I Buy an Xbox

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  • Should I Buy an Xbox

    I'm seriously thinking of buying an Xbox for counsel gaming. I currently own a PS2. Should I trade up or should I stick with the PS2? Any help here would be apreciated...

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    Re: Should I Buy an Xbox

    whats wrong with the computer.... consoles are 1998 class computers in a smaller box and bad resolution video cards.

    any computer can play a game @ 800x600. pos for the money.
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      Re: Should I Buy an Xbox

      I got a ps2... got it for Xmas... right now its collecting dust in my closet...


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        Re: Should I Buy an Xbox

        Definitely get an xbox, and an Aladdin chip and a 120gb hdd for it.
        I did mine and I'm still smiling.

        Now it can run "Gentoo" Linux, and with the keyboard and mouse adaptor and your tv, you've got a $150 Celeron 733 computer for surfing and email and stuff.

        Also, now it'll play all your XBOX "backup" games, and they can be installed directly on the hdd.

        It also has a built in media player, and can play all your MP3's, and mpeg movies thru your surround sound system, as well as DIVX movies directly onto the tv and surround.

        Its also a region free dvd player.

        It has a built in ftp server for transferring stuff to/from it through your home network.

        Its now an all in one media/gaming box for my TV/surround sound system.
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          Re: Should I Buy an Xbox

          I put a $15 aladdin chip in mine and an 80gb HD. I use it for watching movies on my TV and playing all the classic nes/snes/genesis/n64/etc games through emulators. I rarely boot up an actual game in it, but there are some great titles like ninja gaiden, and uhh.... erm... well... eh....that's the only xbox game I spent more than 5 mins playing :P




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