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  • GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

    Hey guys! Some of you may be wondering why I haven't been around much lately; I don't think I've played at TG for at least 2 months now.

    I've been very busy. With preparing to go to school next year, managing a girlfriend, trying to form a band, keeping in touch with all my friends, working full time, etc., it's tough to find time to play games. :(

    However, when I can find the time to play games, the only game that has been on my monitor recently has been City Of Heroes. I decided to do a review on this game because I know a lot of people here play MMORPGS (or are at least interested in them), and I thought you should hear an opinion from someone who typically hasn't liked MMORPGs in the past.


    For those of you who haven't heard about it, City Of Heroes is a pay-to-play MMORPG which you play the role of a SuperHero who is recruited to save Paragon City from the evil forces which threaten it.

    Let me get right into my review here. I was referred to this game by a friend of mine from the SomethingAwful forums, who told me it was an amazing game. After trying so many MMORPGs lately and hating them (AC2, SWG, WWIIOL to some extent), I was a bit skeptical of this game. I also heard there was no pvp at all and no inventory...what gives? How could this game be any good?

    Regardless, I had a little extra money, so I decided to give it a shot. I downloaded the game from (A painless procedure; you set up an account, you get a reg. key, and you can download that game and the manual whenever you want at a solid high speed), which had me playing in about 30 minutes.

    After logging on and picking a server (I picked the Victory server, as it is where everyone I know is playing), I was presented with the character selection screen.

    You have the option of picking 5 superhero origins (Basically, where you got your powers from: Science, Mutation, Magic, Natural, and Technology) and 5 classes:

    Scrapper: A high damage melee-only class
    Blaster: A high damage ranged-attacker with low HP
    Defender: A support class which heals/buffs allies/debuffs enemies
    Controller: A class which can control enemies for some entertaining effects :D
    Tanker: A high-HP, medium damage class for soaking up the beating

    After you pick your class, you can pick from a selection of 10 main power sets, and 10 secondary power sets (I picked a Scrapper using Dark Arts/Regeneration since I figured I would be soloing a lot). Then the real fun beings.

    The character creation screen has got to be the most fun character creation out of any MMORPG I've played. You can pretty much make your character look like any superhero you choose, or just randomly generate one for some pretty interesting results. I've seen everyone from Robocop to Santa Claus to Robot Ghandi running around the streets. :D

    Now getting into the gameplay. This game is FUN. By far the most fun I've had playing any MMORPG. You start off in a mission called Outbreak, which is a training area in which you get no EXP for killing baddies. It does a good job of teaching you the basics of the game; However, it would be nice for an option to skip this area since it is rather long and unecessary for people who have already played and are just creating new characters.

    After completing the training, you get thrown right into the rough world of Paragon City. The first thing I loved about this game is that the areas feel ALIVE. There are tons of civilians and cars moving around the city at any time, and you can talk to any one of them for a tidbit of information. Some of them will tell you about the city, others will mention how they saw your name in the paper (a very cool thing about this game: once you start completing missions, random civilians will come up to you off the street and tell you how they saw you in the paper or heard that you saved their friend from evil robbers, it really adds to the effect). This is a nice change of pace for me, someone who is sick of all of the desolation that plagues mmorpgs today.

    Another cool thing the game does is create multiple instances of the same area which you can travel to. For example, if you want to go to Atlas Park, the main area of the game, you have the option of traveling to Atlas Park 1, Atlas Park 2, or Atlas Park 3. Instances are created as needed, and it keeps the game from getting ridiculously crowded with superheroes all in one section. However, You will never have trouble finding another superhero to team up with, since there are always just the right amount of people in the section you are in (there are a few exceptions to this rule, but other players are usually no more than 50 yards from you).

    You feel very badass when first starting the game. You see civilians getting mugged? You stop the bad guys. You see civilians getting kidnapped? You stop the bad guys. You see the civilians getting weird spells performed on them? You stop the bad guys. You really do feel like a superhero.

    The nice thing about this game is that when you are leveling, it doesn't feel like you are leveling. Experience is gained at a fairly brisk pace, and the game is always entertaining enough so that you forget you are actually leveling up. The main goal of this game is fighting, and levels only come to help you kill the bad guys.

    The different groups of Villians are very entertaining. You have your regular street thugs, your cloaked magic users, your zombies, your small toy robots, your big toy robots dressed up as WWI soldiers, ninjas, and a bunch of other entertaining groups. I really liked how the game hasn't lost its sense of humor in the time I've been playing it.

    The skills are also great. There are all varied enough so you really don't see any of the same characters. You also pick a 3rd Power Pool at level 10, which unlocks all of the REALLY cool transportation skills (flight, super speed, super jump, teleport) and some other useful pools (leadership, medicine, etc).

    There are 2 things you may be turned off by. First, there is no PvP whatsoever. Once you play the game, you'll understand that it couldn't possibly be implimented fairly. However, PvP is planned with the City of Villians expansion.

    Secondly, there is no inventory or equipping items. Instead, a Final Fantasy 7-like system of materia comes into play. You can augment your skills by socketing them with various enhancements, which give you all sorts of good bonuses. There is also inspirations, which are temporary power ups which give you bonuses to different stats. I was very turned off by the lack of inventory (I'm an item collector), but I really think it works out better that there is none. This means people are also less greedy and are more willing to work as a team. You'd be suprised what taking an inventory away does for gameplay!

    The only thing I dislike about this game thus far are the sounds. The music is atmospheric, and the sounds fit the game perfectly, but there are some skills which have sounds that are EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I have a good sound system hooked up to my rig, and some of these skills are shaking my house. For example, I picked Super Jumping as my Power Pool. One of these skills, combat jumping, I always have turned on since it gives a bonus to +DEF. However, there is a constant rumble/hum coming from this skill which, while it isn't too loud, manages to be loud enough to be annoying. This isn't really THAT big of a deal, but I wish there was a way to disable sounds of passive skills. I also hear that other character skills have annoying sounds, such as targeting drones fro the blaster.

    All in all, this is a great game. If you are into to SuperHeroes or MMORPGs in the least, I would definitly recommend trying this game out. People are saying that it is light on content, and while there aren't that many types of missions for lower levels (but enough to keep it interesting), the higher-levels enjoy a varied selection of missions. If you arae 50/50 on getting this game, I would recommend waiting to the first content patch to see how well they are going to support this game. If the support is top notch, then this will be the best MMORPG out there for quite some time.

    All in all, I give this game a 4.5 out of 5, only because I've yet to see how the devs are going to support this game. If the patches add a lot of content, then this game is a easy 5/5.

    If you decide to get this game, make sure you send a tell to SuperGoomba on the Victory server. We can team up and fight evil! :D

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    Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

    How much a month is this game?


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      Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

      Sure, if you want no content besides grinding for xp then play this game! Woo!


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        Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

        but Azreal must live!!


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          Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

          It seems like all you do is beat up bad guys doing bad things to civilians on the street. Do you ever get to go up against super villians? Or, are there longer quests that require you to do something specific?

          - It's who you game with.


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            Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

            The missions get tougher and more complex as you advance in this game. You can create a Super Group with a set membership or just temporary teams. In any event, you can take missions, beat up baddies, or set up a Task Force mission which is really a mini campaign with lots of things that build-up till you fight the big head-honcho.

            Fun game so far.

            PvP is coming in an expansion. Hopefully they will make it so you only have that in certain areas, but the notion of the big bad-guy being a fellow player appeals to me.


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              Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

              Dude, Wolverine is Canadian.

              Superman was created by a canadian.

              I'm out.


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                Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

                I've had a dozen associates play COH, they were all gung ho about it at first and had some fun. But none of them play it anymore, it got repetitive and didn't go anywhere.... Normally I wouldnt bother mentioning this sort of thing, because every gamer's likes/dislikes are different. But when all 12 ditch the game, I think that says something.
                |TG|Syn - [defense] :row__572:


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                  Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

                  I want to be Spiderman hes from Queens :icon_lol:


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                    Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

                    Originally posted by Brooklyn
                    I want to be Spiderman hes a Queen :icon_lol:
                    Spiderman is not gay...

                    Or is he?


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                      Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

                      So, like, is anyone actually playing this game? >:)


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                        Re: GAME REVIEW - City Of Heroes

                        I think its alot like planet side in lgame life.

                        you know you love it for about 2 or 3 months and then it will get dull as you dont go anywhere. Me im at the 1 month stage so im still hooked the game gets better the higher level you go at level 20 you can realy start to be that big bad hero, i hope that villans will add alot. Fun game worth a punt. and its $15 a month i think dam $ to fun as always.




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