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Star Trek home theater room

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  • Star Trek home theater room

    wow :row__593:

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    Re: Star Trek home theater room


    I always wondered why StarFleet allowed personnel they were communicating with to see their computer screens behind them. Seems like poor secruity to me.

    Now the Ferangee know how to work a screen. The only thing you see is their face, nothing more.
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      Re: Star Trek home theater room

      I remember watching this on HGTV on the show "Look What I Did." Try to catch that episode if it comes on again because you get to see everythign in the room and really enjoy it. From the big plush seating to the ambient lighting, it's a good peice of work.

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        Re: Star Trek home theater room

        Very cool. The best part though is from the comments at the bottom:
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          Re: Star Trek home theater room

          If I knew that my wife wouldn't kill or divorce me, I'd build it.

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            Re: Star Trek home theater room

            That is so cool. I want one.

            Definately check out the 360 room viewer at the very bottom of the page. I almost overlooked it but it makes you appreciate it 10x more then the picture they show. The rest of the room is actually more impressive IMO.




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