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Anti-Friendly Fire System

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  • Anti-Friendly Fire System

    :icon7: Just came across this article over at

    Basically, the military is creating a system that identifies "friendly" vehicles to the weapon aiming systems of other "friendly" vehicles.

    This makes it more realistic that some of our favorite videogames show "friendly" tags when passing weapon sights over a friendly person or vehicle...

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    Re: Anti-Friendly Fire System

    First thing that comes to mind with something like this is....

    I'm guessing there's got to be something in the vehicles that will allow the weapons to Identify "Friendly"

    What if the "other" team has this technology and changes it to be used against us. Not hacking our system per say but using the same technology to help identify what they consider "target's"

    Human error... you should see what you shoot.... And sometimes it's gonna be a good guy. War's hell , but I'll stick with this target acquisition system.


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      Re: Anti-Friendly Fire System

      Crap, they've been working on that technology since the first gulf war. It will be countered by some russian system like our GPS systems were jammed by russian GPS jammers last year in the war.

      What if this system gets a "bluescreen of death"? your vehicle takes a hit and it's inoperable? back to the old days of hoping you didn't shoot your buddy. I think the military, no matter how much technology it uses will ever get over some factors and realities of war. We are trying to be to "techy". War isn't all about technology. Like I told people at the beginning of the war, the navy shot all those cruise missiles...I was saying "ok someone will have to go in there to gain control of the situation." which means soldiers. I don't think a war was EVER won without ground forces being an important if not, the most important.

      Don't be a fool and die for your country. Let the other sonofabitch die for his.

      George S. Patton


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        Re: Anti-Friendly Fire System

        This stuff already exists, and I'm sure it's being trained with.

        The Kiowa warrior helicopters that my workplace puts the electronics on is outfitted with a cool lil ball above the rotors. It has many diff forms of cameras/surveilance tools so that it can peek it's head up over the tree line and scan the area.

        Heat signatures are mapped against gps coords for all the friendly units wearing the gear, and this data is passed(encrypted) to the other armour units nearby. These units then relay that data (via encrpted wireless protocols) to the HUD displays on each soldiers headgear. From here, the information relayed from the vehicles is overlayed with video/IR referencing, identifying friend and foe (and other pertinent info) in the battlefield.

        Granted, this all relies on a whole lot of gear working, but redundancy is built into the systems, and the data transmission is very versatile. Each "node" can act as both a reciever and a repeater, enlarging the effective area as units disperse (to an extent).

        so, long story short, it's real, and almost in use... :)


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          Re: Anti-Friendly Fire System

          Originally posted by fr1j0l3
          so, long story short, it's real, and almost in use... :)
          Sounds like PLRS on steroids...
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