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GT4: Weekly racing series?

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  • GT4: Weekly racing series?

    Hey guys... since I'm taking a little break from online games, I've gotten back into Gran Tourismo 4 on PS2. If anyone has this game, I made a post in the console forum to see if anyone would like to start some sort of a virtual racing series here. Since I realize most people don't get down to the console forum, I hope no one minds me posting this here to get more visibility.

    Each week we would designate a track and a car and at the end of the week everyone submits their best lap times. We could "borrow" rules from one of the bigger GT4 web-based series out there to help get us going.

    Just an idea for some casual fun if anyone has this great game. Let me know if you're interested in the thread I linked here and if we have a few people interested we can challenge eachother.
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