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  • E3 demos and demo videos

    Been watching to see whats coming out for the next year or so and I would like to hear some of the comments on some of these games.

    First off Halo 2.

    Most unimpressing game I have seen, I would classify this as barely a mod for Halo 1.
    It just added a little details here and there. Its worse than the BF:V and BF1942 comparison because atleast BF changed the look of the maps and changed the skins.

    Doom 3
    Im a Doom fan, and all I have to say is that it looks nice. Although it better anti-up cause right now it just looks like a pretty FPS. I will buy it though.

    Zelda is back
    As a grownup(thank GOD), looks like a continuation of the one for N64 orcadia of time or something.

    Half-life 2
    Even though it continues to be delayed, it still seems very interesting....

    Battlefield 2.
    I was expecting a dressed up version of BF but It is a beautiful looking game, though from the demo it makes it seem like a GR type of game and also looks like it has the ability to command. From the demo video there seems to be alot of vage conclusions can be made, it has my attention.

    FYI, I got all these files from File planet

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    Re: E3 demos and demo videos

    my take

    Halo 2: I've never been a fan of Halo. I've played both the Xbox version and the PC version and thought they both sucked. I laugh every time an XBox fanboy says its the greatest game for the Xbox ever..

    Doom 3: Over hyped POS. Its going to suck, and suck badly.

    Zelda: I love the Zelda series, its one of the best action\adventure\RPG games ever. I was really disappointed with Wind Waker (it was a great game, but it wasnt a Zelda calibur game). I cant wait to see what they do to this title next.

    Half Life 2: I am convinced that HL2 will not be out in my life time.

    Battlefield 2: It seems promising.

    What I want to see is more on Advent Rising. Action\Adventure with a touch of RPG (for flavor) in a sci-fi world... and with a script written by Orson Scott Card.. where the hell do I sign up?


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      Re: E3 demos and demo videos

      Well, I just got finished watching the latest video of HL2 from Fileplanet.

      Its a wopping 600+megs but its worth it. Alot of GREAT video of HL2 but what they also offer is about 3 min video of Counter-strike.

      All I have to say is WOW, they showed Aztec and it was SOO nice to see. Get ready for a new round of CS to begin!


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        Re: E3 demos and demo videos

        I don't know, Alot of games seem to be "just" about the graphics and eye candy. eww look...pretty lens flare, or whatever. This seems to coverup the lacking game play.

        I'll use FARCRY for example, really nice direction for maps(ie huge and vegetation full.) but cartoony yes, but potential.

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          Re: E3 demos and demo videos

          Originally posted by xliipapa6
          I'll use FARCRY for example, really nice direction for maps(ie huge and vegetation full.) but cartoony yes, but potential.
          I think we're going to see some awesome games on the CRYEngine... I understand that Valve has been working with mod developers the whole time they've been designin HL2. If HL2 and several successful free mods are released soon, then FarCry is just another pretty shooter and HL2 will dominate online multiplay for another few years. If FarCry mods are released before HL2, we could see a spectacular competition for online players.

          Oh, and Doom3 is going to be a dud. A game that is just a pretty shooter is not going to succeed anymore. There are just too many other games that look wonderful and have great gameplay and multiplayer options now. Some people are saying that FarCry looks better than Doom3 in its present state.

          Last edit: Nobody has mentioned S.T.A.L.K.E.R. yet... That's getting some pretty good compliments. Could come out of nowhere and upset Doom, HL and FarCry...
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