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  • Hello everyone


    I'm brand new to Tactical Gamer, and excited to have found you. I discovered Ghost Recon a couple of weeks ago when my son (where are you, Boom? I know you're signed up here too) introduced me to it. I've always had more of an interest in strategic and operational games over tactical ones, and hadn't realized how far the state of the art has progressed. So, I'm new to tactical sims but not to military concepts.

    Poking around most of the publically available servers, I was discouraged to find them almost all being played by kids who are treating the game like a quake-3 style fragfest, instead of learning and using sound tactics and working as a team. So when I found you all here, my hope was restored.

    My question is, what's my next step? I'm registered on the forums, and have read all the SOP stuff in the Ghost Recon section, installed and configured TeamSpeak and tested it, installed the TG 2.0 mod --- but now what? I need a password to the Teamspeak and public Ghost Recon servers, I think. And from a message or two I ran across in the forums here, it seems like the registration app isn't quite ready. So, I'm in wait mode until I can actually observe or join in.

    So while in wait mode: Hi everyone, looking forward to playing with, and learning from, a bunch of people that seem to take the same approach playing this game I do: tactics and teamwork are the fun part.


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    I'm here. I'm just in observer mode... been reading all the SOP posts, finally got them all memorized :shock:

    Anyhoo, there's really not much point to me posting except to confirm the fact that I'm not dead... and you could do that by coming down the stairs :mrgreen:

    Yes, well, I guess all that's left to do is to say "hi" then. So... uh, hi.

    Yeah... yep.


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      You can fill out an application here:


      From there, just wait for your acceptance e-mails and you should be good to go! The acceptance e-mail will provide you with all the server passwords and IP's and any other relevant information you might need.
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        So when I found you all here, my hope was restored.
        I've heard countless players express satisfaction like this as they've discovered our public NS server during the last several weeks. Hearing this from players new to TG is really very satisfying. :) TG really is an oasis in online multiplayer gaming.

        Legion, Boom.. welcome.

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          to both of you, Welcome. Once things settle a little, we will get back on track. you are not the only ones in holding pattern right now.

          You will see certain ones around with "==" on thier name. They are certified trainers for GR. While my name does not carry those at this point, I am the head trainer here. (some issues with the forums at sign up time) anyway, if you need anything.... let me know. Thats what Im here for.


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            Welcome aboard Legion and boom ;)

            Hope to see ya in game soon :)


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              Wow... I'm... I'm feelin' the love.



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                I found this place a bit over a year ago, and I havent even looked at a public server sinse. TG will corrupt you with its wholesome goodness :)

                Welcome aboard fellas!


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                  Welcome to you both!

                  I am looking forward to playing with the both of you. :)

                  I can see it now- TVT, dad vs. son. Watchout, Boom... *chuckle*


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                    Welcome to you both.... Hope to see you in the servers!!!! You both have just now began in a gaming community that is in a class by itself... there is no equal or comparisson to Tactical Gamer... Or its members....
                    If there is anything I can do to help you just let me know....

                    Again Welcome


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                      Originally posted by luna
                      Welcome to you both!

                      I am looking forward to playing with the both of you. :)

                      I can see it now- TVT, dad vs. son. Watchout, Boom... *chuckle*
                      Funny you should mention that, we've done that a few times with the AI back up over LAN. However, the AI backup doesn't compare to real people in any way shape or form... anyway, we're an equal match for each other. I wiped the floor with Legion twice, he wiped the floor with me twice, and I beat him one more time, but only by the skin on my teeth.

                      It was quite fun :D


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                        Welcome guys ! You have found the sane place in an insane gaming world !! ....errr...well.....sorta.....;)

                        anyway....welcome to TG :)


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                          Welcome to the show. Just dont point at the freeks.
                          I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.
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                            Don't worry. I'd then be forced to point at myself.


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                              I'll point... ;)
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