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  • Riding the bullet

    I found this clip of a Norwegian F16 squadron doing low level flying among Norwegian fjords and mountains.

    Man what I would give to be in one of those planes.

    Just hit the play button(page in Norwegian).
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    Re: Riding the bullet

    Great fun video
    This is another really good on of the same squadron
    It was just a further link on the bottom of the page you gave

    I just really enjoyed looking at flying vids
    this is the best one
    about 2/3 of the way through he flies up the Matterhorn, that is one steep and massively high moutain !

    I've just watched it again and its awesome where he flies up the Matterhorn, you've gotta watch it, and watch it full screen
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      Re: Riding the bullet

      F16 has always been my favorite fighter... not sure how it flies in PR, but it's in there:



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        Re: Riding the bullet

        In each of those video's I kept expecting to hear "stay on target, stay on target."


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          Re: Riding the bullet

          In response to the video: That was frickin' sweet dude. Imagine if you were out fishing or hunting or whatever people do in Norway and two F16s flew over your head at 90m going almost a thousand kilometers an hour. Awesome.

          As for F16s in PR: The way that thing moves can only be explained by witchcraft or some kind of voodoo. If you are on Greasy Mullet and you happen to be unlucky enough to go up against even an average pilot in the F16 while you are in that Soviet fighter (whos name escapes me now) you might as well just land and wait for him to crash, because that's the only way he's going to go away. Against ground targets or helos, either of the MEC jets are just fine. But don't even try to roll with an F16.




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